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Okay, so I have a few obstacles. I'm 43, hate math, and have to work full time. I've had sedentary jobs for twenty years and though I'm not overweight or have any known problems, I'm not in the best... Read More

  1. by   heartbeep
    Thank you RN_Jane!

    I have to say though, outside of my family I always get the same reaction; "'d make a great nurse" from nurses and non-nurses alike. Regardless though, and my husband and I were just discussing this; what really matters is what I believe. I've learned a lot from you guys, thank you. I may have been making a mountain out of a mole hill, I don't know; I'm only at square one.

    When you're on the sidelines and you hear nursing students and nurses talk about how college and the career are so very difficult and gut-wrenching, and hear about what a stressful and major burnout career it can be, it does give one pause before they commit. -But then I also hear so many nurses talk about how rewarding and satisfying it is as they fervently cheer the profession on. I will find out which one applies to me in my situation and when it's all over I might find myself in a quiet little office...but I'll never know until I do it. Oh hey...I didn't even think about my age for once!

    Through this week-long discussion here and talking with my husband, I am not concerned about naysayers anymore. I hereby declare that I CAN.