Becoming a nurse in INDIANA

  1. I've decided to make a career change from working in an office to nursing. I plan on starting nursing school in the fall but I need some more info before I really get into this! The posts I've read so far have been really helpful I have an idea on salary but what about shifts? What is an average of hrs nurses are working now per week? Does this vary between depts? I would like to work maternity/l&d--does this area have pretty regular hours? I really need to make a career change to something I will enjoy, but also want to be as involved in my son's life as possible & need a regular schedule.

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  3. by   fergus51
    Nursing is not a place where schedules are set in stone. Lots of overtime, and nights, plenty of weekends and holidays. But it really depends on the place you work. Some people are able to work 4 hour shifts for just a few days a week at my hospital others are stuck with 12 hours alternating days and nights so we wind up with 36hrs one week and 48 the next. It is a good field for parents if you can work a night shift, then go home and sleep while your kids are in school and be up when they get home. Maternity/LD is definitely busy days and nights! Good luck!