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Has anyone applied to any of the internships Baylor is offering for June 2013??... Read More

  1. by   LKL2013
    I did too. What specialties did y'all apply to?
  2. by   ohpalmisano
    I applied to Women's Services! Haven't heard anything yet, even though I've heard of other getting rejection emails.

    Any one else heard about the Women's Services one?
  3. by   NiceNurse27
    Hello All,

    Has anyone recieved the invite to the "(Invite Only)" Nurse Internship Hiring fair for Baylor Dallas? I had my phone interview for med-surge and was sent an invite. According to the email the nurse manager will be doing on the spot interviews and making job offers. Does anyone have any feedback on the hiring fair? What is it like? What are my chances on really getting a job offer on the spot?.....

  4. by   simchamom
    I hate that response.
  5. by   AMGN0914
    I got that invite too. Why do you hate that response? Have you been through it?
  6. by   NiceNurse27
    What specialty did you apply too if you dont mind me asking? I'm just trying to get an idea of what other specialties will be there; just in case med-surg doesn't work out.
  7. by   meraki86
    NiceNurse, most if not all specialities will be there.. I know Women's Services, PCU, Tele, and ICU will be conducting interviews there.
  8. by   AMGN0914
    I was going for CVICU or CCU. What about you?
  9. by   NiceNurse27
    Quote from AMGN0914
    I was going for CVICU or CCU. What about you?
    I am going for med-surg, but depending how the interview go I may visit the women services table for postpartum.. I hope this hiring fair works out and we get job offers : )
  10. by   AMGN0914
    Did you end up getting a job, NiceNurse?
  11. by   NiceNurse27
    Quote from AMGN0914
    Did you end up getting a job, NiceNurse?
    After my interview the recrutier informed that the managers still have not decided. They will call me if they decide to go with me, but i think its safe to say that I didn't get the job.... What about you?
  12. by   AMGN0914
    I actually didn't attend. Some people had interviewed for ICU at my school, and they seemed to think the entire process was somewhat biased.
  13. by   annierose
    Hey! Was this for the internship program? How was the interview? What was it like