bad gpa but so eager to be an RN

  1. I have 7 years of healthcare back ground; worked as a medical assistant, administrative assistant, surgical coordinator and now I am a supervisor for urgent care.
    I completed my undergrad with a psych degree and bio focus ( took chem, anatomy and other medical classes) and I will walked the aisle this winter. However, I had some personal problems during my undergrad that led me to avoid school and graduate with a low gpa.
    I really want o become a RN and I looked into many accelerated programs but they are very competitive. Is there another option? How can become a nurse with such a bad gpa???
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Some schools only look at your science GPA and I would concentrate on those. You can always look to LPN program, which might not factor previous college work so heavily. Google all the schools in your area, and start a list of requirements. Then target being the best candidate possible.
  4. by   Lhalty
    What's your gpa? What s your state? Are willing to relocate?
  5. by   shainurse
    Do not stress too much over it. I went through applying to nursing schools with a low gpa but I still became an RN. I had a previous degree in Kinesiology and though my gpa wasn't great, the fact that i have a degree was valued by some programs. I applied to bsn and adn programs, I got into an adn-rn program. I would've also gotten into a bsn program if I had a higher teas score but I couldn't afford to wait another semester to start nursing school because of my circumstances. Do not give up, you can do it! Just keep applying!