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  1. Hello I have a question if I am not sure if I was convicted of a crime that was 11 years ago when I was 16 what should I do for application. I recently started my CNA and the proctor told me to mark no because I'm not sure if I had an actual conviction. I saw a judge and had to do community service that is all I remember. When I do my finger prints if it comes up I don't want them to think I lied but at the same time I do not remember if I was convicted or not. The court I went to will not release my file without a notarized disposition form. I already started school though so should I contact CDPH and tell them this so I don't get in trouble......
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  3. by   jewels08
    You should probably look into running a background check on yourself. That way you can see what comes up when schools and employers and the state runs one. Not sure what a disposition form is but maybe consider doing that to be sure you know what is on your record. You were a minor so thats a good sign.
  4. by   ponymom
    So get the notarized form, simple fix
  5. by   Vicki17
    I concur you should try a background check on yourself but the ones online may not be as accurate as a real employment screening. I do this for a living (am currently waiting to hear if accepted to nursing school), and it really depends on the state you are in. Here in CA there is a strict 7 year rule, and if the said crime/arrest was convicted prior to 7 years without jail or prison bringing it into that scope then it's not legally reportable. Now will it be found, maybe, maybe not and may even be reported which leaves the CRA (credit reporting agency) liable to lawsuit. Also juvenile records are generally sealed and don't even come up. So you were a juvenile and it was 11 years ago which are both in your favor. However, I don't know what state you are in. There is technically no limit on true convictions in most states but the standard remains at 7 years even so for most jobs.