at wits end trying to get a job, any job

  1. I just graduated from nursing school and have been looking for over 2 months for employment. All I get is more experience, we picked someone else, and dear john letters. I've sent for my permit and then i can take boards. I have previous experience as a CNA/ home health aide. Recently a nursing home hired me or so i thought. I met the DON, administrator and staffing coordinator for nursing. A tentative start date, salary, hours were all discussed. even the HR woman was setting up a physical. and i shadowed a nurse and had my TB testing. now I'm told by this HR person that i was never technically hired, they do tb testing to all applicants, and she denies saying that i was to go for a physical. she said the administrator now wants me to shadow an aide and that i'd be working as an aide. she goes on to say that i can't talk to the other two as they've left for the day! I just feel like i'll never get a job nursing or otherwise. The last couple years have been bad for employment. I lost 3 jobs in the last year or so one to have surgery and 2 more due to being in the hospital. i just want to work again and build myself back up and prove that i can be a good worker. i just don't know what to do.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    After you pass your state boards and get your nursing license it should be easier for you to get a job. Some places don't like to hire nurses unless they are sure that person will in fact pass the state boards. If getting your nursing license doesn't get you a job then move to Richland, WA. I was told that Life Care Center of Richland will hire any nurse who is breathing. Good luck
  4. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry to read of your troubles. Loosing three jobs I'm sure doesn't look good, but as was said above, hopefully if nothing happens between now and your passing NCLEX, getting the RN will help. Good luck to you.