Assaulted at work

  1. Please help. I was assaulted at work by a violent patient and sustained a broken nose, concussion, and sprained neck, as well as PTSD. I was on workers comp for 3 weeks, then released for light duty but still under the care of a doctor for 3 more weeks. I was finally released for full duty yesterday. While I was off work, I searched for new opportunities and was hired by a different company in another state. My husband was not comfortable with me returning to a job where I was violently attacked and at the time, even I didn't know if I would ever be prepared to return. When I did return, I informed my boss immediately that I had found new employment and would be leaving at the end of the month (3 full weeks notice). Neither I nor my boss was aware that 2 weeks notice could not be given while still under the care of workers comp. I was informed yesterday that at the completion of my employment, I will be considered not eligible for rehire, due to not giving 2 weeks notice after my "official" return to full duty. I am devastated because this is the only nursing job I've ever had and going forward, I will have to tell any potential employers I am not eligible for rehire at this organization. Do I have any rights in this situation? How can I defend my professional integrity? I truly believed I was handling things properly. I now feel like I have been traumatized all over again. Please advise, as I am truly distraught.
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  3. by   scuba nurse
    Is that rule written out somewhere? I would ask to see it.

    Also, can you just stay another week or 2?
  4. by   TriathleteRN
    If you have already found another job in a different area, you don't even need to discuss not being eligible for re-hire by that company. I wouldn't even worry about it (you've had enough stress) just focus on the new job and moving forward. Is there a rule I don't know about that says you have to state this not eligible for re-hire in a job interview? I've never seen this on an application. When you apply for a job in the future, I wouldn't feel the need to even mention it. If they ask why you left, you were assaulted and didn't feel comfortable returning to that work environment. If they talk to HR, HR will most likely just give them dates of employment.

    I understand your distress over the notice though. Can you ask for a meeting with HR? I would think you could explain that you thought you were following the giving notice protocol and didn't realize (nor did your supervisor) that it had to follow the exact day you fully returned to work It seems someone would be willing to understand. Maybe at the least they would agree to keep the no re-hire within the organization.