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Hi everyone! Is anyone else here totally changing careers to go to nursing school? I guess I'm looking for a little encouragement that it's OK for me to want to get out of the corporate/business... Read More

  1. by   crp2000
    I'm also leaving the 'Corporate Environment' to pursue a career in nursing. In May of 2001 I graduated with a BBA in Finance. I worked as a 'Financial Analyst' for a year, was laid-off, and now I'm working as an analyst for a mortgage company while I attend a part-time BSN program.

    I basically got tired of SLAVING behind a desk all day and having it benefit NO ONE but the freakin' company CEO!!!
    I figure, if I'm going to be working 80-hour work weeks, I want to be able to SEE someone benefiting from all of my hard-work. As cliched as it may sound, I decided on a career in nursing for the 'emotional satisfaction'!!
  2. by   leeca
    l had been wanting to do nursing for years and finally got into it and l have never been happier. l did division 2 nursing first (enrolled nurse) which takes 12 months and you get registered and the end of it, now l'm going to go on to do division 1 (registered nurse) which will take 4 years, parttime as l get credits for being div 2.

    So to see if thats what you want to do, do div 2 first to see if you like it before going on to further studies. It is also a lot cheaper to do div 2 than div 1. Once registered you might decided to stay a div 2 and not do anymore studies, which many decide to do.
  3. by   Coco48170
    yes, if you enjoy working your a** off, no lunch, no breaks in complete chaos...oh, yes, I would recommend nursing to those people inded!!!
  4. by   amyrae76
    Thank you so much, everyone who replied!! It's so great to read about those of you who are (or have been) in similar situations to mine, and to see that I really CAN do this!

    And I got good news on Friday -- I've been officially accepted into a nursing program here in town that will start this fall! I was scared because other programs in town are completely full with waiting lists, and I couldn't stand the thought of having to stay at my job for another year or longer just waiting to get in! NOOOOOOOOOO!

    Now I just have to figure out how to squeeze in A&P I and II and a Chemistry class, as well as working full-time and hopefully planning a wedding soon, into my summer!

    You guys are the best -- I LOVE this bulletin board!

  5. by   bodine
    Amy -

    I really appreciated your post. I am currently a tax lawyer and have been considering nursing for some of the same reasons you mentioned. I hate sitting at a desk all day and I just dont connect with my profession. Nursing is so much more appealing simply b/c (a) its meaningful and (b) you get to move around. I have begun the process of taking prerequisites in preparation for an accelerated one year nursing program. But it is nerve wracking - all this time and energy spent becoming a lawyer and now this major change. All I know is that I have had this sesne of relief ever since i set my mind to doing this and started the process.

    Good luck and thanks again for your post. The post and the responses it generated were really reassuring.
  6. by   amyrae76
    Hi bodine,

    Thanks so much for your post! I love hearing about people like you in similar situations as me. I feel the same way you do -- I spent time and money getting the degree I have, and I'm even still paying off student loans on that, but I just don't connect with my profession, as you said. And the fact that you can move around in nursing is a big factor in my decision too!

    I'm very nervous about my decision -- it's so scary to think about taking the plunge and leaving the job and profession you're in to go back to school. Especially in today's economy -- I keep thinking what if I hate school and want to quit? But I really don't think that will happen. I think about the alternative, of continuing to do what I do and be unhappy, and I know this is what I need to do.

    Good luck with all your pre-reqs! I think you're making the right decision!

  7. by   ELAINES

    If you think you need a career change- you need a change! I have worked in law and can't advance any further. I am 49 years old and was pre-med about 30 years ago. I recently applied to nursing school. You don't have to decide today that you want to be a nurse, but I do suggest you apply to some schools - the waiting lists are lengthy. I notice you are also from NE, one school here in Lincoln has a waiting list of 1 1/2 years and another has a 4 year wait! RN programs also have 25-35 credits of pre-requisites which take about a year to earn. Get on a waiting list and then take your time in deciding.
  8. by   MIKEY LIKES
    I know I sure am. I currently race mountain bikes and when I need the cash flow, I work at a bike shop. I do have a BS in exercise science and I did have a job in the field. It was unrewarding to say the least. I love what I do, but it's difficult to fill up a resume with....uh... I race I applied to nursing school. I should of done this in the first place. everyelse else who are changing jobs....good luck to you..I wish you well.
  9. by   Hardknox
    Have any of you volunteered in a hospital or nursing home? Have you shadowed a nurse or worked as a volunteer in a hospital???

    I left a teaching career to go into nursing when I was 40 years old. Nursing was in its heyday back in the 80's and I've never regretted it. But by your posts I haven't seen that anyone truly understands what they are letting themselves in for...Not putting you down, just want to know what you based your love of nursing on.
  10. by   amyrae76
    Hi Elaine!

    Hey, another person from NE! I actually have checked into several programs in NE, primarily in Omaha, and I did find that many of them have waiting lists. Doesn't that seem odd, since all we hear about is the shortage of nurses and the need for more people go to into nursing?

    I did find one school in Omaha -- College of St. Mary -- that does not have a waiting list, so I was very excited about that. I've been accepted into their program, and I plan to start in August if finances fall into place *crossing my fingers*. I already have a degree, so the only pre-reqs I have are chemistry and anatomy/physiology.

    Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck to you!

  11. by   ELAINES
    Hi Sue,

    I am afraid I have put most of my eggs in one basket - BryanLGH College of Health Sciences in Lincoln. If they don't accept me (who wouldn't want a nice Jewish Grandma), I will definately check into College of St. Mary's! BryanLGH is local and has a wonderful clinical program. Thanks so much for the tip. Ironically the nursing shortage is due, in part, to there not being enough space in the hospitals to support the required educational clinical hours. Elaine
  12. by   Tilleycs
    Wow, am I glad I found this thread! I'm in the same boat as a lot of you. I have a BS in English with a minor in Electrical Engineering (don't ask; it's what I thought I wanted to be and endured it for 3 years before switching). I've been a contractor in the computer field (technical writing - I help write all the computer manuals that no one reads but everyone complains about - LOL!) for 8 years, and I absolutely hate it. It's good money, but it's not challenging OR rewarding.

    To quote Robin Williams, "it's as boring as whale s**t." I get paid to be here for when they DO need me, so needless to say, I feel ridiculously important (NOT!). Most of the time, I have nothing to do, and have learned how to keep myself occupied all day (if it weren't for the internet, I'd go batty!). Not exactly what I dreamed about for a career, you know?

    I'd rather have something that is challenging, rewarding, that makes a difference and helps people. My girlfriend is a former OR nurse who is now a head nurse at a local hospital, and she has encouraged me to look into nursing. Interestingly enough, when I took a personality test when I changed my major in college, one of the fields that fit my personality was nursing.

    So, I've started taking continuing education courses through a local community college to head in that direction. I've got to get some of the prerequisites out of the way first, so it will be a while before I am ready to go to nursing school.

    I am nervous, though, especially about leaving a field I've been in for 8 years. I've wondered the same things - "What if I put in all that time and get there, and I'm not cut out for it, or I hate it? What if I don't like the money I'll make?" I wish you could test drive a career instead of having to do everything to GET there before you find out if it's a good fit or not.

    It's one thing to change your major when you're 20; it's another thing to jump ship to another career in your 30's (yes, I know people who are older have done it). Is becoming a CNA first a good way to test the waters?

    It concerns me sometimes when I read some of the more bitter posts on this site (I've come here for a while, but just decided to start posting). I don't want to end up like that. But there are bitter people in EVERY field who feel completely justified in grinding whatever ax they have.
  13. by   ELAINES
    You bring up some excellant points - the one that sticks in my mind is "is there some way to test drive a career." I'll bet if you were determined you might be able to shadow a nurse. Examine your personal network of friends, family and contacts (ie: family doctor) and start asking. CNA's in this part of the country have quite different responsibities than RN's do. Personally, I prefer to skip that experience. Maybe someone on these boards can facilitate a "test drive". Also, you could get the text lists from the school you are interested in and cruise the curriculum. I am attracted to nursing because of the range of opportunities. I hope to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. If all else fails, remember some things we end up doing on faith and instinct - MARRIAGE AND HAVING KIDS!