Already bored in PP.. now what

  1. Hi everyone,
    I got hired Sept. 2015 in postpartum/nursery at my dream hospital straight out of nursing school. I always knew I wanted to be in the area of obstetrics/women's health/newborns but never dreamed I'd get an opporunity so early in my career. A lot of people I work with were hired straight out of school and are totally happy with where they are, me on the other hand... I'm already bored. I feel so unchallenged, like I could go to work asleep and still do my job without making mistakes, my patients frequently tell my manager how friendly and comfortable I make them feel and I'm great with breastfeeding. That's my favorite part other than the newborns (I miss them on my days off)!
    I got married this year and plan to have children within the next five years. I recently passed up an opportunity to switch to labor and delivery which is actually my end game plan because I just don't feel ready for that transition. I also don't want to work such a physically taxing position during my future pregnancies, I'd rather do it after I have children. I now have an opportunity to interview for a position in the NICU.

    My concerns are getting trapped in baby land and never being able to have the courage to switch to labor and delivery and start treating adult patients again. Losing knowledge of adult patients, that kind of thing. I can picture myself doing NICU for the next few years and then hopefully making my way to L&D, but am afraid I'll never get there.

    Also during pregnancies, I wonder if it would be emotionally difficult to be with newborns that are not doing so well. I have floated there a few times and know I am comfortable with that now but was wondering if anyone felt differently while they were pregnant or had children.
    Im also afraid of being the "new" nurse again, I am so comfortable where I am, people come to me for advice and its scary to think I'll be starting at the bottom.

    Should I interview? Will being in the NICU deter me more from going to L&D in the future or maybe teach me more and make me more comfortable in a high stress situation? Will I ever be able to get out of he NICU?

    Any advice Is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    You are overthinking it. Just go do L&d and then you can worry about the rest later.
  4. by   HouTx
    I think you're being smart to consider all implications of switching areas. I know of several NICU nurses who had a very hard time dealing with the emotional impact of their own pregnancies. It's one thing to worry, but quite another to actually encounter negative outcomes on a daily basis.

    Seems as though you've got a very realistic & achievable career plan in mind. If your major issue right now is boredom, I'd suggest that you become engaged in some "extras" to make your work more interesting. You could work towards certification as a lactation consultant, becoming involved in department quality improvement initiatives, etc.

    Best wishes on your career development.
  5. by   DWelly14
    I work L&D now and if that's your end goal, I'd encourage you to go for it. At least where I work, everyone takes great care of or pregnant coworkers so you should be fine working L&D while pregnant, as much as you would be anywhere!