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  1. i am an icu nurse working at night shift, the problem started few days ago when a night duty staff nurse on the floor was absent, and the nursing supervisor told me to go to that floor as a charge nurse. i said i cant because i have a coming admission from the ER. he got mad and hanged the phone. is it my fault because they said i have no right to refuse?
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  3. by   pro-rose
    I am being taught that if you not capable and do not feel competent enough to do a certain task, then you do have the right to refuse. But in some cases if you are needed and you feel that you cant handle the task, you are to fill out a certain form....not sure what it would be called in the states. But here is canada i am advised that we advise all managers and even make phone calls to head office if necessary.
  4. by   gitterbug
    Sounds like the supervisor was stressed to the max. You did not refuse because you felt like the assignment was too much for you, but because there was an admission from ER coming and it was assigned to you. Did the super advise another course of action? Was there further communication from this super later in the shift? Seems like there are a few things missing here.