Advice is Needed...Especially from Former RN's

  1. I need some advice from Former RN's because I am lost. I wanted to do something in the medical and am aiming towards a RN. I took Psychology I, Comp I, Inter-Med Algebra, and 1 Computer class, at the moment I am taking A & P 1, 1 Art Class, English Comp 2, Sociology 1, and Genetics. Now I am wondering if these are the core courses I need to take: Biology 1 and 2, Chem 1 and 2, maybe Physics, Microbiology? I plan on in the spring 08 to take Bio 1, maybe A & P 2 (hard course dunno if I will have to repeat it), Chem 1, and 2 other electives I might need? I want to hopefully transfer out from my community college with my General Studies degree. Now another question for you former Nurses when applying to Nursing what do they look for specifically on your transcript? I am of Asian ethinicty so will that give me an edge, I'm a B to A- student so my grades are ok, but I know I got to kick my GPA up its around a 2.93 almost 3.0 I plan to make it a 3.5 or so out of 4.0. Another question is that getting your CNA will that be a extra plus on your transcript? Also, is there any colleges or universities without long (2 year waiting lists) waiting lists because I live in CT and around here the waiting list for all community college and universities are 1 to 2 year waiting. Any Information would be greatly thankful.
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    Good luck to you.

    Check out this thread about schools without waiting lists:

    Those with waiting lists tend to require very high GPAs and sometimes other activities such as community service. So get that GPA as high as possible. Those without waiting lists are usually private schools and expensive.

    Schools have different requirements. However the three universal courses required by all nursing schools are A&P I & II and Microbiology. Many ADN programs don't require the chemistry but many BSN programs do. Physics and Genetics are sometimes reuired in BSN programs, but that is very rare, so don't take those just yet until you find out if they are in the school you require.

    I'm not sure if being Asian will help or not.
    Welcome to the world of everyone wants to become a nurse. There is no way around the wait unless you have that 4.0 GPA, which is another subject...
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    when i was in school , they lookedt my GPA only. there was 400 applied and 96 got in. . my GPA was 3.95 at the time. to get into nursing school is very competitive... they have several factors which they base admissions on in some programs they have lotteries only , where they pick your name out of a computer.. you will have to look into how the programs work in your area. good luck in your schooling.
    i am not sure of being asian will help or not...
    oh i not a former RN i am a RN now... i think you mean former students..
    take care
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    Thanks for the Information any more would be nice.
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    Quote from tou860
    Thanks for the Information any more would be nice.
    Your thread title "former RNs" might be confusing because your question can be answered by current RNs as well.
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    Here is a website that might help a little bit:

    Maybe you have already seen that one.

    It's really up to you, but if you are sure you want to be a nurse, then go for it as soon as possible rather than finishing your general studies degree - that is, if you can get into a nursing program before finishing the general studies degree. Long waiting lists for nursing schools are common. Of course, don't let me talk you out of that general studies degree if you have your heart set on it; there's nothing wrong with that.
    Different schools vary on what they require for their nursing students. Some require biology 1, others do not. Like Tweety said, you will definitely need A&P I and II, and Microbiology. Usually they don't require a really high level of Chemistry, usually only Chem 1, but sometimes more. When you are checking out a school, see if you can set up an appointment with an advisor or somebody from that school. They are the best source to be able to tell you what you need for their program. Also, you can often find out by checking out the school's website what they require. You say that you want to transfer from community college; does that mean that you want to get into a 4 year school? If so, that's definitely a good thing, however they require more general studies than associates degree schools do, but all of those additional general studies really do prepare you better.
    As for the waiting list, again, it depends on the school, but not every one of them requires a 4.0, however, you definitely want to keep your grades up above a 3.0. Better yet, above a 3.5. I transferred from a community college to a 4 year school without a 4.0. The community college I transferred from had about 750 people applying for 90 openings - the waiting list was unreal. Since transferring, my GPA has improved; the teaching is better in this case.
    Good luck! Don't quit trying.