Acc. RN to BSN - page 2

I know this course takes one year if your a full time student but has any one done this while working as a RN? How long did it take to complete? what was your schedule like?... Read More

  1. by   Curious1alwys
    Don't you eventually have to take the same classes, like Anatomy and Micro, which ARE prerequisites for most of us?

  2. by   iy0ga
    yeah i do in the RN program which is pretty much the same thing. ill probably wait another year and finish all the pre-reqs i can to keep my load light.
  3. by   nikonos
    In the RN program I am applying to there are only 3 pre-req courses along with a 75 hour CNA course. All the other classes that you generally hear people chatting about are co-requisites in the program (a/p2, microbio, chem)that you deal with after being accepting into clinicals.