A moan or two

  1. I really hate my workplace. I love the patients. My don tries to tell me when to check someones blood pressure-the nursing manager points out "those tablets are for high blood pressure". As if I don't know that. I don't even get a friendly hello from these two people. Just recently I reported a fellow nurse to the manager and don. Nothing happened. I am so unhappy working there-It seems other nurses whom do a "crappy" job are valued. I work to very high standards-complete everything properly but that doesn't seem enough.
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  3. by   Hershey's Mom
    i know how u feel...
  4. by   nurseangel47
    Sucks to be us sometimes! My advice: to ignore the snide remarks re: pts. care if you're already on the ball with what you're doing. Don't let it get to you, they may be testing you for the sport of it. Don't report anyone. Do document what has happened if it involves pt. care and then present to the powers that be your documentation. There could be a pattern to the behaviors of the other nurses in question and seeing it on paper may get their attention better than verbalizing every little occurence. Just concentrate, do your work, go home. Don't fan the fire with biting remarks of your own, (much as you'd like to), they may be jealous of you for some reason, as a lot of females in this profession are of that mindset and are very territorial, too.
    Take care of you. Cover your behind and continue with the good nursing care. Someone somewhere will call these bullies on their own and they will back down. It sometimes takes a bigger bully to put them where they need to be....back in the land of reality.