Nursing Care Plan for sepsis neonatorum


:caduceus:pls any can help me make a 3 actual ncp's for a 5 days old baby... Her mother got UTI during her pregnancy..Pls help we have a Case Presentation this Jan.17,2008.. i really need help pls pls pls

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Hi, Youichiro, and welcome to allnurses! :welcome:

Do you want to make 3 nursing care plans (ncp's) or 3 nursing diagnoses?

Sepsis neonatorum is a systemic infection where there is bacteria in the baby's blood stream. This is a septic infection that begins in the first 24 hours after birth. Often there is pneumonia or meningitis. When there is late-onset sepsis (after the first week of life) there is usually central nervous system involvement.

In order to determine any nursing diagnoses you have to make a listing of all the possible symptoms that a baby with sepsis neonatorum could possibly have. This would take the place of the first step of the the nursing process, assessment. Then, from that list of symptoms you would look for nursing diagnoses that would fit with those symptoms. Every nursing diagnosis has a list of symptoms. You need a nursing diagnosis reference book in order to choose the nursing diagnoses correctly.

First things first. Do you know all the symptoms of sepsis neonatorum?


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yes i do know the symptoms..thanx can you give me any nursing diagnosis??plsss

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i don't know if you are understanding me. you need the symptoms in order to determine what the nursing diagnoses will be. i really would like you to list the symptoms that you have so i know what you are working with. however. . .

the symptoms of sepsis neonatorum include (my list of symptoms):

  • a low or high fever
  • rash
  • tachypnea
  • nasal flaring
  • retractions
  • grunting
  • apnea
  • cyanosis
  • pallor
  • mottling
  • tachycardia
  • hypotension
  • decreased oral intake
  • vomiting
  • large gastric residuals
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal distension
  • hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia
  • lethargy
  • jitteriness
  • irritability
  • bulging fontanels
  • increased or decreased muscle tone
  • jaundice
  • petechiae
  • purpura

from this list you would look at the nanda taxonomy of nursing diagnoses to see which ones might fit with these symptoms. some nursing diagnoses that would match to those symptoms include:

  • impaired gas exchange (symptoms: cyanosis in neonates, irritability, nasal flaring, tachycardia)
  • decreased cardiac output (symptoms: tachycardia, skin color changes [cyanosis, pallor, mottling])
  • ineffective tissue perfusion, peripheral (symptoms: hypotension, skin color changes in limbs [cyanosis, pallor, mottling])
  • ineffective breathing pattern (symptoms: nasal flaring)
  • imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements (symptoms: abdominal pain, decreased oral intake)
  • deficient fluid volume (symptoms: hypotension, fever)
  • diarrhea (symptoms: abdominal pain, at least 3 loose stools a day)
  • ineffective protection (symptoms: petechiae, purpura)
  • risk for unstable blood glucose (risk factors: developmental level)
  • risk for injury [due to seizure] (risk factors: septic infection, developmental age, tissue hypoxia)

based on the symptoms of the sepsis neonatorum that would go with the nursing diagnoses you decide to use you would develop goals and nursing interventions for those symptoms. please! this is an important concept that you need to understand when you develop your care plan. if i were you, i would choose the nursing diagnoses that address the most serious problems that occur with this illness: pneumonia and/or respiratory failure, fluid deficiencies, anemia, shock, and seizures.

you will find more information on writing care plans on these two threads of allnurses:


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i have a a 6-day-old patient with sepsis neonatorum. as of now her vital signs are normal and the only sign she's showing is jaundice. she's on continuous phototherapy and breastfeeding formula. the only diagnosis i wrote on the SOAPIE chart was non-compliance of the SO to adhere to the treatment regimen because no other signs and symptoms were seen.


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could you help me to get information about theory from assessment,diagnose,intervention

implementation,and evaluation neonatal apnea?

i'm confuse...:confused:

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