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By request from some of you, We've have created a forum for Australian Nurses to discuss issues. Please be sure to tell others that might enjoy this forum. Enjoy! If any established users would... Read More

  1. by   sandgroper
    Good idea this

    Ken Beauty in fact.
  2. by   sehbear
    I love it... I love it.... I love it...
    I love that you organised it for us....
    Thanks everyone...
    Remember..... use it or lose it

    Happy Australia Day

  3. by   Tookie
    Yes it is great Sehbar well done actually suggesting it - so now we need to keep it going and encourage other nurses to use it and to come up with stimulating discussions.- That not only we will be interested in but alos people from outside our counrty - so we can all share - How do you lot feel about including the NZ' and local islanders etc i nthis forum
    Ned discussion on a name - see my question re this?

    Oh yes zdatny - I trained at PA Queensland - graduated MANY MANY years ago
  4. by   OzNurse69
    Hey Tookie -- did you know they'd built a brand new PA -- opened (I think) Xmas 2001 -- & they are in the process of knocking the old one down -- nearly finished thank goodness, cos good old Ipswich Rd is kind of dusty while they're doing it.....
  5. by   Josina
    G'day from Adelaide on a glorious day! Happy (belated) Australia day. I am a new member, what great timing, hey?

    I am an R.N working in Aged Care, and share many of the concerns raised by Tookie and others, particularly in regard to the Accreditation process, the excessive documentation requirements and multiple roles Managers are required to fulfill in this sector, from washing bums to washing floors and everything in between.
  6. by   roden58
    G'DAY all, great idea.
  7. by   frannybee
    Sairz, Rural and Remote need people like you! Never did it long term but spent a month on prac in Mt Isa in Qld. (That's where I met my Pommy boyfriend, and he's why I'm not in the original Wales instead of the New South one.)
    My best friend back home works in Roma Hospital which is pretty small - he loved it for a while, but has gone off it completely due to a few social problems (church related). The nursing, the hospital and the town he loved, but he just didn't fit in. Hopefully, he (and you!) will find somewhere that's perfect for him.

    er, and you...I think you know what I meant
  8. by   Tookie
    hi there all of you - good to see you postn too Roden how are the stduies going you should be finished arnt you
    yes the forum is greta spread the word - bring up topic YOU would like to discuss relevant to our area - lets be open to the idea of Austrlaial and NZ and maybe we can come up with a name for all of the region
  9. by   Barb101
    Hi peoples I have just started working at the sunshine coast private hospital in Qld Yea I know dont knock me for being a Qlder it was accidental. I just forgot to go back to cold old Tassie gee now I really have put my foot in out of the fire into the fry pan so to speak. But hey I dont mind I got great weather great sights from bush to oceans all within a half hour drive so beat that LOL. Oh yah I finial point I have great colleges I spend time with soooooooooo am I happy you bet Love to all Aussies
  10. by   Grace Oz
    G'day Barb101, good luck in the new job. As they say;.........
    Queensland ..... beautiful one day Perfect the next! Just don't try having a wash though! lol Level 5 water restrictions an all! lol
    Oh, and of course, it's got our very own Gwenith living there!
  11. by   safewaygreenbox
    I'm just looking onto moving to Australia and what area - so whats Tassie like then Barb101 - all good according to its web site??
  12. by   nightnurse7
    I want to be an honorary member as well.....so what's the initiation????
  13. by   Barb101
    [quote=safewaygreenbox;2110408] Hello I can no longer say I am a expert on tassie as I have no longer lived in the state for 30 + years thats as close as I am going to say about my age dear. However be perpared for the 5 days of summer & the rest of the year wet windy & always wanting to be warm. Love Barb