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:wavey: i am a british rgn of 15 years with surgical, hdu and community experience, have a long term partner and 3 lovely girls!! we are planning to move to nz later in the year after a long time... Read More

  1. by   Hagabel
    Hi there. I am considering the same thing with my dh although we are 2-3 yrs away from any move as we would have to sell our house and the housing market crashed in the US. I trained in the UK and have been in the US for 15 yrs. I currently work ER and ICU. I am planning a trip in July this yr for 2 weeks to check things out. DH will stay here as we have 2 kids 3 and under.
    Would love to hear how your trip goes?
  2. by   shazniko
    Hi Sue

    I definitely will let you know how we get on. I have arranged to visit Whangarei hospital while we are there in February. I just looked up the health boards on the internet and got email addresses of who to contact. So the midwifery manager was really keen to meet with me and emailed me an application form to complete prior to my arrival in New Zealand! We chose Whangarei as it seems to be quite rural and a lovely place to live according to the research we have done so far.

    I can't believe how friendly New Zealand people have been so far - its been a real culture shock actually! So we are really looking forward to our 3 week visit.

    Keep in touch as I would love to hear how your trip goes too.

    Take Care

  3. by   Hagabel
    Thanks for your reply. I am excited for you, sounds great. Not sure which area to check out when I go, I think definitely Wellington. Where is the area you are talking about? How is life in sunny Scotland???
  4. by   shazniko
    Hi Sue

    We had thought about Wellington too but it is city living. We don't want that at all. We decided that we would prefer further north for the weather really! Whangarei is on the east coast of the Northland. Everyone seems to love it there.

    I hear that South Island is a lot like Scotland even the weather - so I think we will stay clear of there!!! Fed up with the weather in Bonnie Scotland! It's always miserable. Really fed up with work at the minute too so things can't happen quick enough for us.

    So why have you decided on a move? Why New Zealand? Does the reduction in wages bother you?

    Hopefully hear from you soon.

  5. by   bhenicole
    Hi guys... I am an RN in the Philippines and I received a Job offer to work as caregiver in Christchurch, New Zealand... My working visa is now on the process and I'm praying and hoping to receive it this year. Could anyone give me a brief idea about the place? the working conditons? the best place to find a good and affordable place to live in? etc.
    I am a bit afraid to work in a foreign land since this is my first time to leave the country to work.

    thank you very much

    any reply would be a great help...:redpinkhe :spin:
  6. by   Hagabel
    Sorry took so long to reply. NZ is somewhere I have fancied for a long time, have a couple of good friends who are Kiwi's and have heard great things about the country. The reduction in wages does not bother me and I realise things will be rather different to the US.
    We are booking my flight this weekend. I have been in contact with Auckland hospital so far.
  7. by   shazniko
    Hi Sue

    Good luck with everything. Let me know how you get on anyway. We've only got 4 weeks to go so not long now! We are going to check out some properties in Whangarei while we are there to see what our budget can buy us. Really looking forward to it.

    Take care.

  8. by   shazniko

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. As I am coming to New Zealand for 3 weeks holiday, I was wondering whether I should just bring New Zealand Dollars. If I brought sterling travellers cheques, would it be easy enough to change them into new zealand dollars? If so, where would I change them?

    I would be really grateful for any suggestions.

  9. by   Kiwi Ali
    My birth mum comes over every year, and she usually brings cash and changes it here, I think she finds the exchange rate is lightly better, she usually looks at the exchange rate on the ANZ bank's website before coming. (
  10. by   shazniko

    Thanks very much for that. I appreciate it.

  11. by   mark_ricafrente
    waaaa im a newly registered nurse here the Philippines, hope i could go there soon ^_^
  12. by   shazniko
    Hi Sue

    Well, that's us back from New Zealand. It's the first time that I've actually not wanted to get back on the plane to come home! We loved it! We collected so many phone numbers from people wanting to help us. We made so many friends.

    The kids loved it too - they could just run around with bare feet all day long. Everything is so laid back. Kids are allowed to be kids out there.

    We visited different areas in the North Island. 3 weeks really wasn't long enough though. We had originally thought of settling in Whangarei but when we visited it, we really didn't get a great feel about the place. We found out that there is a lot of unemployment there too. By talking to a lot of different people all over the North Island they all came to the same consensus - there are better places to live than Whangarei. It was a bit disappointing because we had kind of set our hearts on northland. However, we went to visit Tauranga on the east coast and we loved it there! The views are just amazing. Housing can be quite costly though depending on where you go.

    Since being back we have started the visa process by lodging our expression of interest and I am in the middle of completing the application form for my midwifery registration - it's a major process!!

    I have no doubt you will enjoy your visit too. You really need to visit the areas you fancy living in because its the only way you are going to get the feel of the place.

    Hopefully hear from you soon.

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  13. by   babyminder
    Hi there
    I have lived in Hamilton for nearly 6 years. My 2 children have now turned into teenagers and are not happy with the fact that we live in the country and there is NO public transport in our area. You will be hard pushed to find much of a public transport system anywhere except the big towns/cities. Bear this in mind when you are looking for a place to live. Also the thing that I have found, being a loather of cold, is that NZ houses are not very well heated in the winter. Many houses have a fire (gas or woodburner) in the main living area which suffices to heat the whole house! Bathrooms can be pretty frosty at 6am on a cold morning. We have a fire in the family room and last year had a heat pump installed in the lounge which was the best thing we could have done. The bathroom is still cold tho'. Heating bills can be quite expensive and I don't know any houses with central heating. Underfloor heating is lovely but costs the earth to run. Having said all that, Tauranga is warmer than Hamilton so winter may not be such a problem. Just be aware that the roads are dangerous, NZ has a very high road death toll, and there is quite a big drug problem throughout the country.
    I don't want to sound negative but it is best to come with your eyes open. I must also say that the people I work with in Hamilton are probably the best group I have ever worked with. The coffee is lovely, the beaches wonderful and I hardly ever sit in a traffic jam

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