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Isnt it great a forum for Aussie - feel like l am on an adventure again So lets see whose is on the board Lets all check in and see who can, may contribute - please any lurkers come and talk y us ... Read More

  1. by   Sooz
    Just saying Hi! I'm an Aussie from Melbourne. Graduated in 1988 and have been living in the US since 1989! After all this time I'm planning to come home to Melbourne within the next year or so. Scary! I haven't worked there for so long. But I'm homesick now! I'm a travelling nurse at the moment and really enjoying doing this right now. I'm trying to save as much money here before I go home Have a great day everyone.

  2. by   OzNurse69
    Hey Sooz, welcome!! Don't forget, your savings will instantly double when you enter the country (from US$).....bonus!!
  3. by   leprecaun
    Well did alot of research, and contacted my friend, the story is that the course is being offered at Albury NSW at Charles Stuart University campus, it was primarily launced to hopefully help with filling vacancies at rural nursing facilities be it aged care or acute settings. The course is primarily work based with supported study modules from what i can find out. this is being trialled this year and will be closely monitored by other Uni campuses around the country to see the response by applicants and of course outcome. The reason i mentioned Canberra was the person who told me came from there and was part of the submission committee to gain permission for this trial to commence.
    More info available at the Charles Stuart Uni web site home page under Faculty of health.
  4. by   leprecaun
    On another note, I have had a USA visitor staying here for past 12months on working/ study visa. The route taken to gain status here was long and arduous, firstly acquiring passport to travel then necessary visa through the Australian consulate in the USA ( in his own state),this was back in 2001. I suggested the study and work visa in case one or other was rejected, also the study visa ment he had more time in Australia. So armed with the dual visa which he subsequently acquired and having to enrol in a study course here during this past year, he arrived at beginning of 2002 and initially contacted Qld nurses registration board and was given provisional registration and allowed to work with conditions, this mostly ment in a supervised situation and not able to perform IV cannulation, venepuncture, or work in his speciality area which is intensive /coronary care, also not able to check or give S8 meds. After completing his year of study and year of part time work he can now apply for full registration here if he stays. His visa expires in a month and he is investigating possibility of remaining here and this entails about 40 pages of immigration documentation and me acting as a sponsor. For now he is returning to states to consider options, but he has throughly enjoyed the past 12months and the Australian hospitality.
  5. by   Dyno
    Hi everyone, I have only just found this Australian segment of allnurse, been logging on for a few years. I trained as an EN in Whyalla Hospital in 1979 (yes we wore caps but they were cardboard by then) I was very proud the day I received my 'stripe'
    Worked on & off over years between family then did BN at QUT , finished in 2000. Am presently working in cardiac investigations (no weekends, yeah... but no money..). I am very happy that I took the plunge & did the RN course, am loving my work & the challenge of learning new things every day.

    Uni vs Hospital, I have done both, albeit one was a while back, but I think hospital wins overall. Many of my friends that have completed the BN were ENs before like myself & we have all integrated better & I believe are SAFER nurses than those that had no previous training. Some of the nurses who worked as AINs whilst at uni are doing well, again, they have had EXPOSURE to the system, more than the majority who only had their 20 weeks clinical in 3 years.

    Twenty weeks in 3 years is appalling & not safe. Why not better combine the two. Month on-month off blocks & rotate groups. The fight for good clinical placements between unis is getting ridiculous. The hospital staff are fed up with students who show little or no interest in the practicle side & willingless to learn BASIC CARE & HYGEINE standards (yes it really does matter when you rest all the clean linen on that one patients bed & then you want to make all the other beds with that contaminated linen..duh!) sorry, just venting. Yes there are some terrific uni trained nurses who never did any other nursing orientated work before graduating but they are few & far between. These are just my thoughts.... I will go back into my box now, bye......................
  6. by   Dyno
    Oh Tookie, is that an unwooded chardonay & some tasty Coon?? cheers.
  7. by   Tookie
    Lovely to see the new names here - welcome to all of you and l do hope that you all enjoy this Bulletin Board - I do (when l get onto it - which hasn't been enough recently) I always find people to be supportive and willing to share lots of information both nursing and general - So good luck.

    Sorry lve not been around to 'offer the wine and cheese and yes it can be a Chardonay and coon or a lovely merlot and some edam - will throw in some macadamia nuts as well if you like.
  8. by   frannybee
    Tookie, our hospital coffee shop has just started stocking macadamia flavouring syrup for the 'real' coffee. Soooooo yummy! I had to explain what a macadamia was to the girl serving though, since the humble macadamia isn't exactly well known here :chuckle
  9. by   Aussienurse2
    Ya shoulda seen me trying to ask the shop girl in Sydney for some "Bauple" nuts! "Oh" she says, after five minutes explaining I wanted the ones in the front " The Bauple nuts, round white thingys, right there!". I'm from Queensland. sigh, have pity on me.
  10. by   Koalablue
    Hi all,

    Thought I'd add my 2 cents worth and some info about me <g> I am doing my BN at la Trobe in Wodonga. This is my first semester, although because I have a previous degree I have entered straight into the second year of the course. So far I am loving it, but am also worried about how prepared I will be when I finish next year.

    I originally started nursing in 1989 at Princess Alex. in Brisbane (but dropped out in '91 and sat the EN exam) so I have a little experience of both hospital and non/hospital training. Frankly, I reckon the hospital based training gives a much better grounding in `real' nursing, like all the practical stuff we actually have to do each day. In my Uni course I am going to get two days a week clinical practice. As far as I can see, I had just as much `book learning' (and of pretty much the same subjects) at the PAH, but about 10 times the practical experience - that just *has* to be better!

    I'd like to see a combination of both really - full-time regular work in a hospital (with the accompanying pay cheque) with time out for a few weeks here and there for lectures as we did with hospital based training, but with a degree at the end like we get with the Uni.

    I wonder how many more people would go into nursing if they had the regular pay that we used to get? Six weeks into my Uni course I am *so* struggling with money it's not funny. And it's not that easy to get part-time work that fits in with the course schedule.

    Anyway, I hope to go into NICU when I am done. Well, I think I do! Don't know that much about it really, but it intrigues me :spin:
    I think I would like to go work in the States too one day - don't know much about that either! (hmmm...starting to wonder about myself lol)

    Good to see an Aussie thread.....

  11. by   NurseRachy
    Koalablue- Welcome, another LaTrobe University student here!!! Bundoora - 3rd year Bachelor Nursing/Bachelor Public Health - good luck with the studies!! (PS hope your nursing course has better organisation than we do!!)
  12. by   Koalablue

    I have to say organisation is not one of their strong points lol. Nice tiny campus though, so at least we all get to be confused in a small group Good coffee too, which is always useful.

    Got a loverly, very nice lecturer for General pathophysiology and pharmacology - only one problem.........he has the thickest indian accent and no-one can understand a word he says lol! Though once we worked out that `implamshon and poz' stood for inflammation and pus things became a little clearer Now if we could just figure out the other 4000 words......

    Good luck with your studies too....

  13. by   Rapheal
    Oh you Aussie's have wine and cheese at your site. You guys rule (pours self glass of wine, puts feet up for a moment). I like it here.