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  1. hi,

    I'm a registered nurse planning to move to melbourne.I have a offer from royal melbourne pvt hospital.Can anyone tell me about the hospital,the working atmosphere,the region and the ease of finding accomodation in the area.

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  3. by   K+MgSO4
    I know that they have a surgical ward a medical ward neuro ward i think. The defo have a HDU & a ICU cause we utilise it from time to time in the RMH public.

    You will have a fair mix of cultures if it is anything like the public! Italian & Greeks as well as Aussie ( maybe more Aussies than I see in the public!)

    I know that the private utilises the RMH MET call and code blue teams.

    No idea about the conditions!

    the Melbourne private (no royal in the title) is in Parkville which is at the North side of the CBD. It has a tram line just outside it (no 19) & there are 2 other tram lines that turn just at the bottom of the st approx 300m away (59 & another one) all 3 of these tram lines start/end at Flinders st train station the main train station in the city about 10-15 on the tram They also all pass by central station.

    Parkville is very close to the city centre & you could happily live there without a car if you don't have kids. Renting there is a bit expensive as there are 5 hospitals in the suburb so far The royal Melbourne, the Melbourne private, the royal women's, Francis perry (private wing of RWH) and the royal children's. Also construction has started on another hospital Peter Mac so there is big competition for accommodation. Also Melbourne Uni has their main campus there!

    You could go into the city with Nth Melbourne or Melbourne itself. Or you could try Fitzroy or Brunswick / Brunswick East etc.

    Try domain & for a place to rent or flatmatefinders for a room in a house.

    Welcome to Melbourne.
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    thanx for the advise.I'm concerned abt the accomodation before i could decide to move down under.
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    Hi all. I hope somebody will still look at this thread. I am an NZ nurses and I'm planning to move to Melbourne. I actually got a job offer from RMH-perioperative area. But we are still to work out my Visa sponsorship as I am not an NZ citizen. I was hoping to get info about good places to move to as I will be moving with my wife and our baby, only 5 mos old. I'm concerned on the security and safety of the place that I will be moving to and the availability of public transpo as well. What would be a good suburb for us to move into? Thanks heaps!