Paediatrics in Sydney.

  1. Hi there.

    I am in my final year of nursing school. Looking at working in paediatrics possibly in Sydney next year.

    Does anyone have an opinion on what hospital is 'better' to work at between Childrens Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Childrens Hospital.

    is it realistic to travel to Westmead from the city everyday?
    is it safe to travel to Westmead and walk to the train station?
    opinions on staffing levels and supportiveness of staff at both hospitals?

    Thanks heaps in advance,
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    have you tried posting this in the Australian forum? would probably get more appropriate answers
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    Where are you living at the moment? If it's around the cbd area then sch is probably easiest, westmead is a good 45 mins away, and i've heard it is a little rough, but has a decent residence whereas the one for sch is pretty basic but cheap and in a great location, just up the road from coogee, sch has a quality sandwich/snack bar if that helps! I know a couple of guys working at sch, any ideas on speciality?
  6. by   Rach101
    Thanks for your reply

    Currently im living in New Zealand- looking at moving to Sydney next year.

    I have visited both hospitals but since i dont really know much about the areas they are in i thought i would post on here in the hope of some more info.

    Thanks for your info about the residences.

    I hear the patient ratio at CHW is 1:3. Do you happen to know what it is at SCH?

    Do the people you know working at SCH enjoy their work environment?

    Im interested in rotating through a medical ward, surgical ward at possibly emergency but im pretty relaxed in regard to specific wards- more looking for a friendly, supportive, well staffed working environment.

    Ideally i would probably rather live in Coogee/Randwick than out at Westmead so that will probably influence my decision somewhat, i primarily just wanted to check that i wouldnt be missing out on working at a great hospital by not going to Westmead (greater funding due to low decile).
  7. by   pie_face
    Hi Rach, I know people working in ortho/neuro (I know strange mix), icu and er at sch, they all seem to enjoy it, there is an element of being thrown in at the deep end, but that will happen anywhere, I know that sch is very well funded, and has a high profile, you can't walk through without falling over nicole kikdman, assorted sportsmen etc. It sounds like your worried about missing out on something if you choose one particular hospital over another, relax you wont, either will look good on your c.v. but more importantly give you exposure to a caseload that is diverse, challenging, and not found in every hospital. If you find after six months you do not like it then you move to westmead (or vice versa) no problem. As to support, I don't know but surely thats one of your interview questions
  8. by   Rach101
    Thanks pie_face.

    It has been great getting your perspective on this. You are right, i am worried about 'missing out' but i guess every hospital has its good and its frustrations, i realise i will never find 'the perfect hospital' (if one existed they would be so well staffed no one would ever get a job there anyway!).

    Im definately leaning towards SCH, it does look like a beautiful hospital in a beautiful location!

    Thanks for all your thoughts, much appreciated :spin:
  9. by   newbie12
    Hey Rach101, sorry I'm bringing this old thread back up, but I was just wondering if you ended up at SCH?