nursing informatics in Australia

  1. Hello everyone,
    Would like some information about nursing or healthcare informatics in Australia.
    1. Are there jobs in nursing informatics and health care informatics and how does one search for such jobs.
    2. Are there nursing informatics master's degree tracks or programs in Australia and how do I find them.

    Any information will be helpful and I do thank you for your time :spin:
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    I have never seen a job advertised in nursing informatics. Nurses do these jobs if they are in an organisation and they move into the area due to need or interest, often called - quality officers. Informatics is often subjects in undergraduate or post graduate degrees, some universities may have tagged degrees, you may have to google, I have not seen or heard of one.
    These type of positions are usually taken up by nurses with nursing experience, how else would they know what nurses need?

    Our medical records and coding for funding are not done by nurses.

    There are groups interested in informatics here is one link, but again by experienced nurses only

    here are degrees in public health and communityhealth but these do not require one to be a nurse, who may be more into health informatics

    There are not many jobs available to non experienced nurses in Australia, one is expected to be a nurse first and then move into these areas.
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  4. by   AZUNUA32
    Thank you so much for your prompt feedback. I do have 10 years of experience as a nurse. I have my bachelors in nursing and a master's of science in nursing with an informatics and health education specialty. I have been in nursing informatics for a year and a half in the U.S. My husband is getting transferred to work in Melbourne, Australia and I was just trying to find information about nursing informatics opportunities in Australia. It seems from what you have said that I would probably have to look in other directions for career options since the informatics opportunities are not readily available.
  5. by   K+MgSO4
    what exactly is nursing infomatics?
  6. by   red_hot_chili_oreo
    Hi AZUNUA32! I'm also interested in this field. You're lucky coz you've got years of experience not only in nursing but in the field of informatics itself. Right now I'm still working on my registration as an RN in Australia (which I hope goes seamlessly). I plan to work in a hospital for a couple of years then maybe move on to a specialty, such as Informatics. Since you say you've done it in the US, hope you could share how you broke into the field, your experiences, and maybe tips for people who might want to pursue it in the future. Thanks a lot and goodluck!

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