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  1. by   rachelgeorgina
    I did come straight from school, but I did year twelve over two years and took one semester part time so I'm a bit older than some of the people in my class who came straight from school and did everything the "normal" way. There are plenty of mature aged students in our course. I only know what subjects my clinicals are for and the areas they're in but I won't know where I'm going (what hospital/ward etc) until a few weeks before hand.
  2. by   JanisM
    Hi everyone, I've just reached the halfway mark in my studies (2 out of 4 yrs) and have been enjoying my first break from study & work since I started. I have my 2nd lot of clinicals coming up this semester and I'm really looking forward to it, though I have no idea where it'll be! I haven't been to allnurses for a while but I'll be popping in more often now I've found this thread. Nice to meet you all & I look forward to reading more aussie posts. :-)
  3. by   sydneymum14
    HI Janis, well you interest me particularly because of your age. How did you find it agewise?? I am 44 and only just about to enter semester 1. What are your clinicals? And how long do they go for?
  4. by   JanisM
    Quote from sydneymum14
    HI Janis, well you interest me particularly because of your age. How did you find it agewise?? I am 44 and only just about to enter semester 1. What are your clinicals? And how long do they go for?
    I'll be honest - I was petrified, especially because I'm a single mum of 3 boys. However, I've found it to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I also eased myself into study by gaining my aged care cert III. You won't be alone age-wise, and there's always support from tutors & fellow students. I've only done 1 clinical so far, and that was aged care for 2 weeks. I have one coming up this semester but I'm not sure whether it's in a block or spread over a few weeks. Good luck with your studies, I'm sure you'll love it and do well!
  5. by   sydneymum14
    Hi well I think you are very brave and good on you for doing it. Congrats on getting half way there too. When you say you did a clinical in aged care..were you in the hospital, or nursing home? I did my prac for Cert III in a nursing home and enjoyed it. I currently work as an AIN in community nursing for aged care. I am looking forward to uni...only 2 weeks to go. I have biology and "Health, culture and society" .
  6. by   JanisM
    Thanks! I did my placement in an aged care facility- coincidentally the same facility I did my aged care placement in! I work for blue care as a domestic while I study, which suits me as it's daytime hours only. Hope you enjoy uni- where are you going to be studying?
  7. by   sydneymum14
    I will be at ACU. What subjects have you done?? I am hoping it won't be too hard. I don't know about the essays??? Failed the HSC in 1984 and have done TAFE and 2 years of Nature Care College...both were quite good will have to wait and see I guess.
  8. by   JanisM
    Have you done a course to get in, such as TPP (at USQ) or a similar program? I'm so glad I did that, as I learnt about academic writing and other skills required for uni. I call it my 'Uni preschool'! It had to do it, as I never completed high school but I would recommend it for anyone returning to studies. Having said that, there are plenty who manage quite well without it, but for me it was a lifesaver!
  9. by   sydneymum14
    Well no I didn't do any pre course, but I did very well in TAFE and College, so I should do ok. Plus ACU has a learn to write essay kind of course too while you are in the semester. I'll have to ask about that again.
  10. by   snowwhite007
    hey ,
    I am in brisbane,semester 2 student of EEN.
    does anyone could give tips of passing exams? such as medication,pathphysiology.
    or anyone at the same level wants to have group study with me ?
  11. by   imaginations
    I posted in this thread several years ago under a different username as a student. it's amazing to look back from where i am now (registered nurse working critical care) and see how far i've come. to any australian students reading this thread: you do become a competent nurse after all that time at uni. somehow, everything you learn at uni comes together when you step out onto the wards as a rn.