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  1. Australian nurses: since starting to work here, I've found it seems to be a common occurance to be scheduled to work an evening shift then come back on a day shift. A friend who just left a contracted job in Canberra said the same was true there.

    Is this common throughout Australia? If so, what are the reasons for doing this, even when staffing numbers are sufficient?

    Does this happen everywhere in Australia? And why? Are there nurses that like this sort of rostering?

    Many thanks for responses.....
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  3. by   ceridwyn
    It is always done this way aged care or rehab, where nurses are employed for certain shifts on certain days.

    Nurses are not rostered on anywhere I know with one week earlies, one week afos.

    Not sure how else it could be done without the late early.....days off then go back on a couple of evenings do a late early and finish the working week with a few early shifts. Most general wards still use the 8 hours shift and therefore the 3 shifts need to be covered.

    My local hospital even gets away with nights shifts to finish off before days off!! and the nurses there accept it!!! One reason I will not work there.
    Though usually nights are in a block of 1-4 weeks and most places have some permanent night shift.

    Yes late/earlies are common practise and most nurses hate them, but nobody wants to do the week of all 7am, then a week of all evening shifts, we like the mix up, and it is usually only one a week/10days.

    Just read your psot again, no it is not common practise to come back on an early and finish on an evening shift....absolutely rubbish rostering. Contact the union or roster person and ask why?
  4. by   K+MgSO4
    That's what we do here. Also you need to request your shifts if you don't want to work as many late earlies put in your requests.

    As a roster manager I love people who request. I may not be able to do everyone of your requests but I can accomodate some. Also even if you have told your roster manager or NUM that you have a dance class on a Tuesday evening request it!

    I have been explaining this to a new grad. I cannot read your mind. Nor do I know that you have a doctor's appt.