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Nursing Assistants in PACU

Hey Yall :)

For the last year i've been working as a nursing assistant in PACU. I was just wondering what nursing assistants in yall's PACUs do? Thanks :)

debthern specializes in NICU, PACU, Pediatrics.

depends if they are cna l or cna ll. The ones transport patients and do a lot of running. the ll's can insert foley's do glucose testing, set up iv's etc.

mustanggirl specializes in long term care, med-surg, PACU, Pre-Op.

Our CNAs do a lot of transporting and stocking. They also help settle a patient when they get to PACU, helping to put monitoring equipment on, call the floor to let them know the patient is in PACU and put orders in for labs and x-rays as instructed to by the nurse. They also to bedside blood glucose tests when asked to by the nurse. Oh yeah and set up CBI fluids, so the nurse just has to connect it to the patient after double checking it.

It would be nice to have an assistant in Pacu.. Heck, it would be nice to have a secretary..

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