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I was wondering if there is a hiring freeze. I have been applying to Boston area hospitals for a nursing assistant job and have come up empty handed. I have experience and the qualifications, but no luck. I have tried to call a couple of them and it is just a recording that if they are interested, they will call. Any advice?

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I currently go to nursing school in another state, but I worked as a nursing assistant at a Boston area hospital a few years ago (2007). I don't know if the current economy has all that much to do with the brick walls you're hitting in your job search. It was also hard for me to land a full-time job as a CNA at the hospital I worked at- and that was ultimately because I knew someone there (I applied twice to that hospital previously- with good qualifications- and got no response). I think it has more to do with hospitals wanting to hire people they either know (through connections or an insider who can vouch for the candidate) or a person who is extremely qualified in terms of training and experience. I wouldn't give up- I would use any and all possible connections you may have (even if they seem vague at first), apply to hospitals outside of Boston (within the 128 and 495 belts), and apply for any part-time or per-diem positions that you may see on hospitals' websites (or call an HR dept about an opening if you hear something via word-of-mouth). Getting on as a per-diem or part-time CNA can often lead to getting a full-time slot if the unit managers like you (ie- you work hard and are competent). Find out who the nurse managers are on a particular unit of interest and call them directly to see if you could email them your resume. This is how I got my current CNA position (I'm working per-diem while I'm in school)- I contacted the NM of the unit I was interested in, and they told HR to set up an initial interview with me. If the hospital's website doesn't give you contact info for the nurse managers, call the hospital's main number, ask for the unit of interest, and (once connected) ask for the unit's nurse manager (or whoever's in charge of hiring CNAs on that unit). Hope this helps- remember, pursue every possible lead and avenue that you can, even if it seems vague or nonsensical at first.

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Oh yeah, if a hospital tells you that you need "acute care skills" before they hire you- the following program might be worth checking out (if it still exists?):


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Also, here's a list of all the hospitals in MA, in alphabetical order:


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It looks like the Shore (South Shore Hospital) currently has a bunch of CNA openings- search under "Allied Health":

Specializes in pediatric.

I got my job at Childrens Hospital only because I was lucky. I had just finished my Pedi rotation at childrens and i loved it so much that I applied for a few positions. Luckily enough, someone called me back, got an interview the next week and I was hired. They said that they liked me because I had did my rotation there so it was easier for me to fit right in since I knew the unit and such. PLUS being in my last year of nursing school also helped! Good Luck with the search!!


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Thank you everyone. I have actually applied to many of the hospitals and a few nursing homes. Still no calls. I have tried to even call and check the status of my application, but some places like BMC only has a recording indicating that if they are interest they will call. I will continue to search.

Thanks again for all the info.


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