Nursing Assistant (CNA) Hiring Process @ John Muir Hospital


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Hello to all,

I've mentioned before, but I'll recap my situation here. I'm a pre-nursing student (planning to transfer out of my community college into nursing school either Fall 09 or Spring 2010) and I decided to enroll in a C.N.A class to gain hospital experience. I graduated in February (wahoo!) but opted to not take the state board exam at that time because I had to study not only for school and prerequisite classes, but also for my TEAS and my NET tests to get into nursing school. I ended up getting overwhelmed and decided to cut out the CNA certification test because it was the least important to me. I'm still planning on getting the certification. I'm just waiting until summer vacation so I have nothing else to worry about (probably beginning of June-ish).

Anyway, I decided I might as well apply for various Nursing Assistant positions around here even without certification (just in case!). To my surprise, John Muir hospital called me back this morning (I'm pretty sure I applied there end of February so it's been a while) and asked me to come in for a "C.N.A. test".

My question to you is what on earth is that all about? The lady on the phone said it's a test that will decide whether they want to set me up for an interview or not. I mean, I'm assuming that the fact that they've called me at all is a good sign and I'm not getting my hopes up or anything (I heard the interview process is pretty harsh), but I'm getting nervous about this "test" that she mentioned. Does anyone have any information about it? Also, does anyone work at John Muir who is NOT C.N.A. certified? If so, how did you get the job? What's it like? What was the interview process like? etc.

Thanks for any info anyone may have! I might also mention that I'm an active volunteer for John Muir (in their E.R. and in the gift shop) so that may have helped a bit. I'm still wondering what's to come, though.


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Hello Bluechick112,

Im currently enrolled in a cna/hha program & I'm working on becoming a nurse just like you. Assuming you got the job I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.

What was the cna test like?

Starting wages?

What is it like working for jm?

Hiring Process?

Thanks you


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I actually didn't take the test nor did I ever work as a CNA. I got hired for a different position at a hospital which actually paid MORE than I would have received working as a CNA. I also got in to nursing school fairly easily even without being CNA certified. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Best of luck.


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Pretty rare to hear anyone getting into nursing school pretty easily. What Bluechick112 was your secret? Where did you apply? GPA, TEAS score? Any info appreciated.


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Especially here in CA....

My secret is that I applied to a private school and was willing to dish out the money it takes for tuition (then again...with all the loans available at my school I hardly need any of my own money to go in right now for schooling...and then if I get a job that pays off student loans, it's a steal of a deal!)

GPA was about a 3.7 and my school didn't need the TEAS it needed the NET and my NET was in the 98th percentile. I did take the TEAS and got waitlisted at HSU (#6) with it for spring 2010 semester but of course will be taking my spot at the private school (Samuel Merritt University). I volunteered at John Muir for 6 months in the ER & gift shop, I did the CNA course (not certified, no work experience), I joined my community college's "Pre-Nursing Society" and took a board position (Treasurer) which demonstrated leadership. I also wrote a pretty good entrance essay for my school and got a great letter of recommendation from my Physio teacher which definitely helped. SMU has a BUNCH of pre-requisites and in those pre-requisites I had 3 C's, a couple of B's and the rest were A's.

It's definitely possible :)

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