nursing areas informed by research?



Can anyone tell me 5 different areas of nursing that are informed by research?

It is one of the questions given from EBP unit and I don't have any idea with this question.


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If you did a unit on evidence-based practice, you ought to have at last heard some information on this.

If not, or if you lost your notes, or you missed that lecture... Look at what research is used for generally, and then extrapolate into nursing. I will not do your homework for you (and I encourage others not to do it for you either), but here's a hint to get you started:

resource allocation

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No. No homework give-away.

Nor will I spoon feed because at this level of scholarship you must stand on your own two feet.

But I will give you a hint at the five areas that nursing research excels at:

1. Handwashing

2. Handwashing

3. Handwashing...

Well, anymore than this and I would feel that I was giving away the store already.