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Hey everyone! i was just wanting to know if you knew of any sites besides: nursesstation, to buy nursing apparel? not necessarily scrubs, but like fleece pullovers or shirts, etc. i ordered one that says R.N. on it, from nurse's station, but it is too big and they dont have a smaller size because they are discontinued. thank you!!

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good question. I am interesed in this too. anybody?

You can always try

Good luck!


p.s. if the hyperlink doesn't work just type in the website, I just tried and the website is still there.


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You might want to take a look at

They have several different scrub and uniform companies listed on their site sorted by brand names and company names.

Another one I came across this week is

Hey, RN Always, I used to live in Anchorage. What part of Alaska do you live in?

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Just do a search for "nursing T shirts" or sweatshirts or whatever and so many sites pop up. I just did this the other day, and found so many cute things. There's a site called that has adorable sports logo scrubs. is another where I found lots of items with "RN" in the superman logo, kind of a "supernurse"! Oh, and on, they have scrubs and T-shirts from the shows "ER" and "scrubs." It's amazing how much stuff is out there- I could browse for hours.

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