A New Nursing Grad Witnesses a Death - page 3

Many times during my career, I'd have a flashback while I went about my daily routines. I would be right back in the classroom, hearing all over again what an instructor had to say... ... Read More

  1. by   CompleteUnknown
    Quote from Andrea K. Penney
    Do not let anyone stop you from talking! Absolutely people hear you! Patients are in such a fog--they need to know what you are doing before you touch them.

    My first ICU lesson was sitting in the classroom with the lights out, and the instructor tape recorded all the sounds going in in the ICU. I will never forget the voices, remarks, laughter and off things I heard. Another lesson I never forgot.

    Great idea! I imagine that would be a very powerful lesson for many of us.
  2. by   queen2bee
    God bless you for that!! This is exactly how i want to be as a nurse and how others should be. God is so good and thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. by   bbgirlmil
    Beautifully put! I have only been a nurse for almost 2 years and I work in long term care. I always tell family that their loved one CAN hear them. I have a hard time when a resident of mine passes. I can't count on my hands anymore how many people I have watched take their last breath, and I am honored to say that I was there holding their hands when they took their last breath.

    I have residents who tell me that they physically feel better when I am there. I feel that even if I can make them smile once while I am there, that I have made a difference in their life, I have made them feel that someone cares. And I do care.

    Yes, others laugh at me too for taking the time, just like you did, but I feel that's what make me a exceptional nurse. Others laugh when I cry over someone passing, but it does break my heart.

    Thank you for writing what you did because it makes me feel great about what WE do!
  4. by   Liddle Noodnik
    I know maybe this sounds strange but thank you for doing that for her
  5. by   Country.Girl
    Moments like that are precious to experience.
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