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I have been lucky enough as an LPN to land a job in critical/urgent care. However, my journey has not been easy. I am the youngest, by 20 years from EVERYONE on my team. My first year in the position... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    Work is work, personal is personal. OP, let the MA sink or swim on her own. You have really blurred boundaries here. "Throwing your credentials in her face"?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?! And an MA signing off on orders?

    You have put yourself in a position where you are supervising/delegating the MA's work. So you could potentially be held liable for the same. So get some malpractice insurance, and exit yourself from micro-managing. Unless that is in your job description. The whole business about 5 gowns instead of 6 stuff--any manager is going to look at that write up and shake their head.

    The manager is responsible for many things, but most importantly, the culture in the department. Your going above and beyond to befriend co-workers and become family-like zen with these people is astounding. Stop. Just stop attempting to do anything other than your job, to the best of your ability.

    Any number of critical/urgent care centers can have hundreds of people in any given day come through. Who has time to kiss butt, hold the hand of an adult professional, an unlicensed person who has a maturity issue....

    Seriously. You do need to grow where you are planted, but so does everyone else. And the seemingly apparent self-worth, self satisfaction, all around feeling good about yourself needs to be done outside of the workplace.