M/S nurse. What can I do to get into PCU/ICU?

  1. I graduated nursing school with high honors and had several years of exp. in the medical field (primarily in orthopedics) when I starting applying for nurse intern jobs. I applied listing ICU/PCU as areas of interests but naturally (given my previous experience), was offered an Ortho m/s tele position. Of course, I took the position not being able to afford to waiting for another opportunity.

    I have been working in my department for a year now and I have learned a great deal but I really want to progress to a department with a higher acuity of care. What can I do to better my chances in getting this sort of position? I already have my PALS/ACLS, good references, I'm continuing education in nursing.

    I guess my concern is: with little experience working with high acuity patients, will be I forever (a for at least two years) be stuck working in my current area of nursing?
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  3. by   brownbook
    What I did was let the shift supervisor know I was interested in ICU, and if census or staffing ever necessitated I would like to float to ICU.

    There were always lower acuity patients I could comfortablly take. Or even be a "gofer" assistant for a nurse with a high acuity patient.

    Eventually I was asked to work ICU.
  4. by   RNNPICU
    Just apply... Sometimes there are fellowships for experienced nurses who want to move to critical care. The only way to stay stuck is to not seek other opportunities.
  5. by   FLnurse1127
    Thank you. Shortly after this post, I started calling around to some of the other hospital systems in my area and found that I need six months of employment at those facilities before qualifying for a fellowship. I started applying so fingers crossed! =)

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