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Hi! I'm a newly graduate registered pn here in Ontario and was submitting resumes to any job offer online. Source Momentum Healthcare Inc is an agency that called me this morning and offer me a casual pn job. They said once i accept the job, they will send me to different LTC facilities here in our area depending on my availability that i have to send them.

The problem is that they won't give me a paid orientation and will offer me a 2-hour orientation that i'll have to do 2 hour prior to my shift.

I am not sure if i will accept it, I am not too familiar with nursing agencies.

Does anyone of you know about this agency?

They also said that i can't accept job offer from the facility where i will be sent off.

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These conditions are typical of agency nursing. It is unfortunate that the job market is saturated with applicants and agency nursing is looking like an option. As a new grad you need supervision and mentoring to help you gain experience and judgement, unfortunately, you will not get this, as an agency nurse you will be expected to come in and do the job. It will be easier to make an error if you are working at multiple facilities, with unfamiliar patients, staff, policy and procedures, so I suggest you limit the number of facilities you will work at. Also, speak to your insurance provider to ensure you have adequate professional .

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Agency nursing is horrible! I started out doing that too in the 90s. You won't get any kind of support at all, no orientation, no heads-up that the facility you're being sent to might only have 1 RN and that's YOU, that you're going to be expected to replace sick calls and a number of other heinous situations. The no-compete clause is a given. They're not going to just let their employees take permanent positions at facilities where they send nurses because that would cause a drop in their business. I ran into that same issue when I was offered my first hospital job. There was a tiny loophole (thank God) in that while the agency did have a contract to provide staff relief to the hospital complex, it did not send nurses to the program I was going to so they couldn't claim any placement rights there. It was tricky but in the end I was able to take the hospital job. I know it feels like you have to take whatever is offered to yu, but keep in mind that you're closing several doors in doing so.

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As someone who was thrown to wolves during agency temp assignments in the past: New graduates should NEVER be hired for agency work that sends them to different LTC facilities. These are positions for experienced nurses who have assessment, time management, nursing and communication skills honed--- even then its a difficult shift filling in unknown location.

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My previous facility used to hire agency nurses until AB quit hiring agency. These nurses were expected to work independently after 1-2 orientation shifts. Most of them had 3+ years of full time experience. Definitely not suitable for new grads.


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I worked through a nursing agency for a few weeks here and there during summer breaks and as a new grad nurse.

Scarey. I was provided with no orientation and no guidance. Questionable situations. To be honest, I didn't know the difference because I was THAT green and that inexperienced.

In fact, I was taken advantage of or virtually abused during some shifts by other staff members.

Not safe. I was in risky situations that put myself and patients in potential danger. I was lucky nothing happened.

I don't recommend it.


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As a new grad i worked for a agency on a Temp licence. the best way to describe it to you would be it felt like everytime i was at that med cart my licence was on the line. i found that especially as a new grad it was overwhelming, and found that there was a real lack of support from the agency. when telling the regular staff at the homes that i was only on a temp licence they were mostly in shock. i would never recomend working for an agency for a new grad!!!


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Thank you for your inputs. I've come up to a decision not to accept the offer. I don't want to risk my licence for this job.

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