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dear friends,

i just retired after 27 yrs on the job. now, i don't like sitting at home. at 47 yrs old, i still have many good yrs and would like to help people. i was thinking of a field in nursing that i can get quick training taking care of people maybe in the waiting areas of the emergency rooms.

i do not want to dispense medicines but i can take a temp or pulse. i can sit with people, get them water and just be with people that don't have anyone. i can probably bath them too.

is there such a needed field in nursing for just very basic care of patients. my retirement package gives me $5,000 to change my career but i do not want to spend additional monies. 5,000 is it and i want it to work for me.

what would such a position be called? how strong is the demand or is there one? any suggestions will be welcomed. :rolleyes:


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How about Hospice Care? I am sure there must be something there for you, if you like that sort of thing. End of life care is so precious and sometimes people just need a hand to hold sometimes.

Hi and Thank You!

I appreciate your idea and this is very interesting. My only concern is I am a cry baby for hurting people. I don't know if this is a bad thing. What do you think?

If someone even the TV has a tear jerk moment and I see it; I tend to not be able not join in with the tears.


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Why not be a cna? Find a field that is not as physically demanding.

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Is going back to school an option? I'm almost 47 and I plan to nurse another 20 years. Nursing gives you many options. Good luck and welcome.

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