When one door closes

  1. Hello Nurse Beth,

    A little background information about my situation. I was attending a RN program and the school shuttered before I was due to start my last semester of nursing school. Bummer I know. So I devised a plan to keep me moving forward despite the circumstances. I applied to the BON to sit for the LPN boards through equivalency and they approved my application. I just recently sat for the boards and passed! Yay!

    My question now is since I never graduated from an LPN program or have a nursing diploma or degree, how should I draft my resume to be more attractive to employers. I would like to find a job as LPN while I wait to start a transition program in August. Currently I work as a PCT in acute care and Nurse Extern in a sub acute hospital. I also have a bachelor's degree in a health related field.

    When one door closes

    Dear When One Door Closes,

    Wow. You are to be commended. You are resilient.

    There is nothing here that should prevent you from getting a job as an LPN.
    On the contrary, you will make a resourceful employee and nurse.

    Under Education, your resume will include the dates you attended school. Example, Westwood College 2014-2016.
    Under Licensure and Certifications, you include your LPN license. Example, LPN license, state of Alaska
    Under Experience, you list work history, including your PCT and nurse extern jobs

    Have you applied for an LPN position to the sub acute where you currently work?
    Reason being, they know you and your work ethic.

    If at all possible, seek employment now as an LPN in a facility you'd like to work in as an RN.
    When the time comes, you'll have insider advantage.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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