What's the Fastest Way to Find a Job?

  1. Hello Nurse Beth,

    What is the best /and quickest method for finding a new nursing job in this high tech world we live in today? I am a baby boomer, have been a nurse for 14 months and am ready to change jobs to something closer to home.

    Dear Fastest Way to Find a Job,

    As an experienced, nurse, you are definitely marketable. Register for job search engines, such as Indeed.com. You can filter by your geographic area. Also check out the hospital sites directly yourself, as jobs will appear there before the search engines find them.


    Landing a job is a multi-pronged approach, one of which is not high tech. It's networking. Many nurses believe the 5 Myths of Networking and they are simply not true.

    Activate your contact list by letting everyone you know you are looking for a job. Do you have any classmates or old clinical instructors working in a facility you would like to work in?
    Have an elevator speech prepared so you will be ready when the universe sends you a serendipitous opportunity!

    It's important to strategically compose your resume by targeting each employer, and highlighting your skills. Keep in mind that it's not about you- it's about how you can solve a problem for the employer.

    Tech-wise, know that many employers use application tracking software. Keywords targeted to the employer and the job requirements can be tracked.

    Stand Out

    To make it past the black hole of computer applications, your resume and cover letter must stand out.

    Here's an excerpt from my book on the art of standing out:

    Avoid dull cliches, copycat buzzwords, and overused terms, because everyone uses them, they do not help you to stand out, and they don't say anything. The reader will tune out. Instead give examples that illustrate the "detail-oriented, team playing, results-producing, ethical" kind of awesome employee you are. As a bonus, you will have also illustrated that you have excellent communication skills! Instead of saying "I'm a natural leader", say "I led a community vaccination drive for our senior class project" or "I'm always picked as jury foreman and committee chair. I enjoy the responsibility and leading others." Personal examples are memorable and make you stand out

    • Team player (try instead: I'm always picked to be on a team)
    • Results driven (try instead: I set goals for my patient to achieve by the end of shift every day, such as increasing their walking)
    • Strong work ethic (try instead: I had a perfect attendance record at my last job and I take pride in being punctual)
    • Detail-oriented (now it's your turn to try)

    Be sure and prepare for your interview. Read Uncomfortable Interview Questions

    For more in-depth on questions such as Is it OK to cold-call a hiring nurse manager, and sample resumes, check out my book (below). It's full of key tips and strategies.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

    Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!
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