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  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am an RN with 9 years of experience in a small rural hospital (ER, OB, MedSurg experience). I love being a nurse, but am finding the schedule requirements of current employer difficult, at best, on my family. I am trying to explore work from home opportunities that would utilize my nursing background but am striking out. I recently learned about "health coaching" and have inquiries out on that. Do you know of any work from home nursing fields? Thank you!

    Dear Wants to Work From Home,

    It may take persistence, but you have great experience. Working from home is a great way to utilize your nursing skills away from the bedside.

    A large number of work from home jobs include case management. Typically employers of work from home case managers are insurance companies.

    Health coaching is offered by some insurance companies and self-insured entities and involves following up on individuals and helping to set wellness goals.

    Some hospitals are offering now coding jobs, and remote auditing. Other jobs include telephone triage, utilization review, and claims review. Read 8 Work from Home Jobs.

    Register on one or two job search engine sites, such as Indeed. Here's hoping you find the perfect job for you.

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    Nurse Beth

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    Great advice! Also recommend checking out Q-Centrix. They hire people to do remote data abstraction on a part- or full-time basis: Q-Centrix Careers