Two Job Offers, Which to Take?

  1. Hello Nurse Beth,

    I am a 20+ year old nurse with less than a year experience. Just until 2+ weeks ago, I basically applied everywhere, even outside my state. So 2 weeks ago, I got a job offer for a position (rn icu intership) and I accepted as soon as I was offered it. It starts in September. I was really happy and it became official when I was told that I'm accepted and all I have to do now is to be interviewed by the cno as like a welcome/ initiation. The facility is big and it seems like a great place to learn a lot. The only con, which I'm willing to take anyways, is that it's out of town which means I'll be relocating; and everything associated with relocating, by myself.
    Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous and a little confused.

    Recently, last week and again today, I got voice messages from the icu director who interviewed me in may - 2 months ago, saying to return a call if I'm still interested. Over a month before I got interviewed by the hospital that just accepted me. There wasn't actual message that they want to hire me but I'm guessing calling and leaving message more than once is a good enough hint. I'm torn because this facility is closer to my home which means I won't be relocating, but at the same time, this is in a smaller town and sometimes there's low census so there may be floating and unit closing, and it's a smaller level 4 trauma hospital.
    Just when I was decided and excited, this happens. I'm actually leaning more into the one out of town.

    Should i stay with the hospital nearby, because it'll be cheaper and will save me money? Or go out of town and adventure?
    What should I do?
    Your advice would be so appreciated.

    Dear Nervous and Confused,

    Congrats on having two job opportunities!

    So you are deciding between a larger hospital (in a different town) with an ICU internship and a local, smaller hospital with an ICU position.
    The out of town position in a larger hospital sounds wonderful. You will learn so much.

    I would not decide based on fear- fear of re-locating. It's normal to be apprehensive, but it's such an opportunity for personal and professional growth.
    Right now, in your life journey, you are free to relocate, and you are being offered an opportunity to do so.

    Consider that you may have regrets if you pass it up.

    If you decide to not take the local position, I would contact the the manager and thank her warmly for the interest/offer. Explain that you have made a commitment elsewhere.
    Keep the name and contact information in your contact list.

    If you decide to relocate, ask the hospital if they offer relocation assistance. Some facilities only provide assistance on request.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

    Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!
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