Two Job Offers-How To Pick

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am in a dilemma and was hoping you can help guide me. I just graduated with my BSN and received my RN license. I did some job searching and after networking with someone at hospital A, I was given an interview on a Monday. After scheduling this interview, I was called by hospital B for an interview on Tuesday.

    Hospital A was looking for a night shift nurse and Hospital B was looking for day shift. Hospital A wanted to schedule another interview and said it would follow up in a week or so. Hospital B called me the day after (Wednesday) with a job offer. I spent the day thinking about it and after deciding since it was closer and I had still not received a call back from Hospital A, that I would accept the position.

    I have not signed anything yet. Five days after my initial interview with Hospital A, they call me in for a second one. This interview is on Monday. Although this does not guarantee a job, I am questioning accepting the other job so quickly. The only thing that is making me waver is when a friend of mine mentioned differential for night shift. Am I
    crazy for this?

    Dear Did I Accept Job Offer Too Quickly,

    Congratulations, you must interview splendidly! You are not crazy, this is typical.

    You haven't signed anything yet, so you are not bound. Go to your second interview and hear what they have to say. In the end, you need to do what's best for you. You can always tell Hospital B that you need a few days to think it over and will get back to them by a certain date.

    Night differential is nice and does add up, but look at the entire benefit and wages package. What is the cost of insurance? Do they offer tuition reimbursement, and so on.
    In making a job decision, I would consider:

    • Reputation of hospital
    • Length of orientation and support
    • Complete benefits package (hourly rate + insurance, vacation time, tuition reimbursement)
    • Unit specialty
    • Work commute
    • Shift preference

      Hope this helps! Best wishes,

      Nurse Beth

      Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!
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  3. by   trufflelilyRN
    Certainly, Beth makes good points to consider. Another factor to consider is that you will learn more in your first few months working in acute care than you did in school. Day shift offers more learning opportunities than night shift, it is busier and more happens. Just a thought from my experience.