Should New Grad go Part-time?

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I'm a new grad RN on a med surg unit. I've been there about 6 months. I was wondering whether or not it would inappropriate to ask to be dropped to part-time at this time. I am interested in going part-time for a variety of reasons, however I do not want to make a mistake asking for this shift.

    Dear Wants to go Part-time,

    Without knowing your reasons for wanting to go part-time, I hope you can re-consider. Can you hold out at least 6 more months?

    At 6 months out, you are not yet experienced and it will negatively affect your learning to drop to part-time. It's highly recommended to work full time for 1 if not 2 years. Patricia Benner, in her work on how nurses learn, stages newly licensed nurses such as yourself at the Advanced Beginner level. Benner's model is Novice, Advanced Beginner, Competent, Proficient, Expert.

    You are not yet at the level of Competent, which typically includes nurses practicing at years 2 through 5. Learning builds on experience and exposure which takes time.

    It took a long time to get where you're at, but you're still on the journey towards becoming a nurse. Best wishes with your decision.

    Nurse Beth

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