Should I Call it Quits?

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    Should I call it quits? I am a new nurse (
    full-time position) with 10+ years of experience as a Medical Assistant. At the beginning of my orientation, I was assigned to a mean, rude and very belittling preceptor. I was corrected in front of the patient ( patient was not at risk for harm).

    My 2nd day she made me do all the work on my own, no computer training prior to starting at on the floor so I would have to call her everytime I have a question. I ask if she could follow me around to make sure I am doing things right. She said "But what are you going to do next time you come in you'll be on your own" so I ended being on my own all day... while she sat at the
    nurses' station all day on her phone checking her facebook.

    Very unprofessional. I let that go and thought I'd give it another chance and learn her teaching style but it got worst to the point I cried driving home because of her talking to me in a very disrespectful manner. So this made me apply to another hospital. Some nurses in our unit noticed how this preceptor was treating me and by the time my supervisor switched me with another preceptor I had already applied.

    My other preceptor was nicer which made me stay longer but two weeks ago I finally got a call from another hospital and offered a job. I talked to my supervisor and I want to be nice for the training I was provided, I offered to take the PRN job at this current job. She said that would be great as I should be done with my orientation by the time I start my new job. So this is my last week of orientation and last week of being full time. I was called for the 2nd time and put on call bc our unit is closed again. Is it right for them to put me on call twice in a week period and still on orientation? I felt like I'm being cut short. They usually send us to another unit if we are closed.

    I feel like it's not even worth staying as PRN anymore. I am going to miss my son's tournament in another city this weekend and I'm supposed to work. But again I'm not sure if they will call me to be on call again. Please advise.

    Dear Should I Quit?

    Your reason for quitting as soon as you finish orientation is because you were placed on call 2X. Unfortunately, this happens when the census drops, although technically if you are on orientation, you are not "on call".

    You changed to PRN status before you completed Orientation. In most organizations, the PRN employee will be called off before part-time or full-time employees.

    If you are asking if it's OK to quit your first nursing job after a few weeks, it's really not. But you've already made your decision. I recommend you stick out the ups and downs of your new position for at least a year to build your work history.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

    Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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  3. by   Thorp71
    Under these circumstances, with a poor preceptor, unprofessional conduct, criticizing a fellow nurse IN FRONT OF a patient, I would say is justified in quitting or at least having a discussion with the manager about the orientation process outlining what the first preceptor was doing (bear in mind after 25 years I would have lost my patience with that preceptor as I've had nurses on their phones when they are paid to work but that's another post). You are correct that it should have been addressed, however I would not fault someone for leaving such a facility where no one else spoke up either. That's why we lose good people.