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  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am a nurse with 9 plus years experience (6 med/surg, 3+ ambulatory surgery). I have read your book, but I am still having trouble revamping my resume. I am looking to pursue non-clinical nursing such as case management but I am finding it difficult to make my current job stand out amongst the crowd.

    Taking pre-op histories, medications, NPO status, pre/post op medication education, equipment education, assessments and interventions doesn't quite stand out compared to those who have experience. Even our quality/patient satisfaction efforts are a group unit effort. What suggestions do you have to make what I do sound better? Thank you in advance.

    Dear Revamp my Resume,

    Leave off the pre-op histories, medications, NPO status and other tasks. You are correct and as I strongly emphasize in my book, they do not help you to stand out as they are a given.

    Nursing duties make for an uninteresting and cookie-cutter resume.

    Here are some tips to help you stand out. They are all included in the book, and more.

    During your 9 years, what gains did your facility make that you were part of? Here's some examples to jog your memory and get you brainstorming:

    • Participated in successful Quiet-at-Night to improve patient satisfaction scores
    • Active in initiating white boards, hourly rounding
    • How about you as an individual? Are your presenting yourself as a solution to their problems (key). How about:

      • Perfect attendance times X years. That stands out!
      • Preceptor to 20 new employees
      • Served or chaired UBC (or nursing committee)
      • Voted Employee of the Month
      • Received multiple letters from patients
      • Proficient in Epic (Medi-tech, Cerner)
      • Trained in AIDET

    • Are you following the tips in Chapter 8 to:
      • Use keywords from job descriptions
      • Customize each application
      • Avoid cliches
      • Give examples (examples are memorable)

    • Are you making effective use of white space, headers, category sequencing and bullets for visual interest as in the examples in the book?
    • Be sure and read Chapter 9 on Cover Letters with dynamic examples. Soon you will have an irresistible resume and then you must read the chapters on interviewing to prepare for all the interviews that will come your way.
    • Best wishes,
    • Nurse Beth

      Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!
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