Multiple Job Offers at Once-Help!

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am working on a career change in nursing management. All of a sudden I have 7 different opportunities. I had an onsite interview for one and they are ready to make me an offer. I want to check out the other opportunities before I make such a serious decision. What is the best way to handle this? Thank you.

    Dear Several Job Opportunities,

    Congrats on being such a sought-after commodity!

    When you receive a job offer, you do not have to give an answer immediately. You can very graciously thank them for the offer and say you need some time to think about it. Provide a timeframe such as "I can have an answer within five days. Will that work for you?" Now you have bought some time for yourself.

    In the meantime, contact the first employer and tell them that while they are your first choice, you have received another job offer. When do they expect to make their decision? If the first employers consider you a top candidate, they will respond by making you an offer. If they do not consider you a top candidate, they will stall or respond with a lack of interest.

    Because you have 7 potential opportunities, you most likely will not have time to schedule interviews with all employers before you have to make a decision. You can narrow down the openings to your top 3-4 choices and focus on those.

    The higher level the position and/or the harder to fill, the better for you in terms of negotiation. Remember nothing is final until you have received a written job offer and accepted it.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth
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