Inappropriate Sexual Conversations and Controlling Client

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    How should I explain/disclose my reasons for leaving my Home Care cases, in the best light?

    Ready to return to work after being out on disability from a car accident. I’ve been a nurse for 22yrs, The most recent 10yrs were spent working as an Independent Contractor Medicaid Provider - Private Duty Nurse.

    Case 1 - Worked 8+yrs Pt started as Adolescent and became Adult
    Left after becoming disabled from
    a MVA (motor vehicle accident).
    Told client I had to resign for doctor putting me on disability because of MVA.

    Case 2 - Worked 1yr Adolescent patient
    Left d/t (due to) constant inappropriate sexual harassment from
    adolescent client.
    He developed a crush on me and would try to initiate very inappropriate sexual conversations as well as make
    inappropriate sexual comment to me. When I brought this to his parent’s attention, I was told that he had a harmless crush on me and to brush it off. I didn’t feel physically threatened because he was paralyzed from the neck down.
    Told client’s parent I had to resign because I didn’t feel comfortable working under those circumstances.

    Case 3 - Worked 1-2 yrs Adult patient
    Left d/t being put on bedrest for complicated
    high risk pregnancy.
    After pregnancy, unable to return d/t patient’s husband taking her off the machines that were keeping her alive.

    Case 4 - Worked 3 mo Pediatric patient (3-4mo old)
    Father of
    child the Director of an ER in the hospital. He would order me to give different meds/txs that were different from his son’s Pediatrician orders in the MAR (medication administration record). He was also very abusive and controlling of his wife, at times forbidding her from holding her own baby. Occasionally would come to me in confidence crying about her situation.
    Left for the above reasons, however
    when I resigned, I told them it was because they wouldn’t keep their dogs away from me and I was scared of dogs.

    Dear Caregiver,

    You have a reliable work history considering you worked for 4 different clients in 11 years.

    You also have good communication skills as you were diplomatic in the above examples. You know when to leave a dysfunctional situation.

    In an interview, if asked, you would simply say it wasn't a good fit, or the case ended, or family no longer required home care, or you had a medical problem that is now completely resolved.

    Don't make any references at all to the inappropriate adolescent or the controlling father.
    Never say anything negative about a previous client or employer, even if the interviewer probes.

    You can repeat that “it wasn’t a good fit” and then segue to the fact that you look forward to providing excellent care in a supportive and compassionate manner for them or their family member.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

    Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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