How Can I Be a Full Time Writer Like Nurse Beth?

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I'm an neonatal RN and part time writer. I would much rather be a full time writer. How can I follow in your footsteps and get paid more to write than I currently do to be a bedside nurse in a level 3 nicu? Looking forward to your response. Thank you!

    Dear How Can I be a Full Time Writer?

    I would start out part-time as you build your clientele and your income. I still work as a nurse educator in the hospital because I love my job and am not ready to leave acute care yet.

    I write "behind the scenes" a fair amount as a paid consultant. I've had several such "side hustles", which I enjoy. A lot depends on your interest- do you like writing on clinical practice topics?

    Here's my story of how I built up my writing career over the last 3 years.

    Subject Matter Expert

    One way to earn money is to become a Subject Matter Expert. I started by applying to ANCC as a Subject Matter Expert. They don't respond right away, but after a time, and when they have a need for your particular speciality, they contact you. Work may include writing test questions or contributing to different projects.

    Another time a friend of mine at work, who is our HealthStream administrator, gave my name to HealthStream and I have now done several projects for them as an independent consultant.
    They include working working on CE modules, which involves research and best practice. An example is a module I recently completed on peripheral artery disease (PAD).

    Sometimes you can find opportunities through your national nursing organization. Mine is the Association for Nurses in Professional Development (ANPD), as I'm an educator in acute care. They recently revised their certification exam, and I worked on the exam as well as the review book and webinar with them.

    As a volunteer with AMSN, I was asked to update Lippincott Procedures (for a nominal fee). If you go on Lippincott Procedures, you may notice a place where is says procedures updated by AMSN. That's us!

    So many opportunities come through professional organizations, and networking.

    Nursing Articles/Freelance

    Writing for allnurses gave me huge exposure and it's a great way to get published. It's easy to apply.

    I also have a blog, called nursecode, which gave me a platform for my writing and has led to multiple other ventures and offers. I have written for pay for other sites, such as, Staff Garden,, and others. You negotiate a price for articles of a certain length.

    I've been writing for 3 years, and it's entirely doable to build your business being a writer. Be sure and check out the Nurse Entrepreneurs/Innovator Hub for like minded nurses

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    I hope this gives you some help and ideas.

    Best wishes,
    Nurse Beth

    Author, "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job"...and your next!

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Great question and great advice, Nurse Beth.

    Try out your writing wings here on allnurses by writing articles. To meet some like-minded nurses who have made a business out of writing, consider attending the annual National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference in October. It is a great place to meet and network with entrepreneurs - those who are at all stages along the path of developing a successful life away from the bedside and the traditional nuring roles.

    Nurse Beth and I will be speaking at the conference this year.