Help! I'm Blacklisted

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I have a reprimand and a do not rehire situation and since then it is safe to say I am blacklisted. I currently work in an ICU 2 hours from home and drive back and forth. This is what this reprimand which was not true did to my career. How do I find a job closer to home? What can I do besides quit?

    Dear Blacklisted,

    I'm sorry for your situation.

    Unfortunately, there are no laws governing eligibility for re-hire designations, and (as you know), any facility can choose to put "Do not re-hire" on anyone's employment record.

    Fortunately, many facilities will now only give dates of employment and job title when asked for a reference. This is because of a concern of potential liability.

    However, there are still facilities who share eligibility for re-hire status when asked. And of course, word of mouth gets around between hiring facilities.

    To find another job, continue apply to facilities within your vicinity. Do you have any colleagues in your network who would put in a good word for you? Do try to find another job before you quit, as it is easier to find a job when you are employed.

    During interviews, never say anything negative about your past employer. You can say you are looking to spend more time with your family and less time commuting.

    If you ever decide to work from home, be sure and read "8 Work From Home Jobs" for some great ideas.

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    Best wishes my friend,

    Nurse Beth

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