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  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    i am a RN first licensed from Canada -Quebec- in 1987. I passed the Canadian Nurses Association test. I got my Florida RN license by endorsement. I worked in Florida as a RN for 14 years; i moved to GA where they did not accept my FL license. They asked the NCLEX; i failed it. now i just moved in California, applying for the RN license. My question is: Does the California Board of Nursing ACCEPT this test? Does anybody know?

    Dear Endorsing to California,

    Florida used to accept Canadian Registered Nurses who took the Canadian Nurses Association Testing Service (CNATS) Examination before August 8, 1995, as eligible for endorsement.

    California requires that applicants must "have completed an educational program meeting all California requirements, and have passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN®) or the State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE). The Canadian Comprehensive Examination is not acceptable. If you do not possess these qualifications, you do not qualify for licensure by endorsement and must apply for Licensure by Examination instead".

    So it seems you lucked out when you first applied to Florida; but that luck doesn't extend to other states, at least GA and CA, unfortunately.

    There are really good review NCLEX courses, though, and some even refund your fees if you do not pass.

    Nurse Beth

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