Can't Find a Job With Encumbered License

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I have an encumbered RN license, three years probation with stipulation that I work 4 hrs/week for 6 months or I will lose my license. I have been an outstanding RN, impeccable resume, no infractions prior. My restrictions are so punitive that it is hard to find a job I could consider. When I did, thanks to a friends recommendation, the mentoring nurses did not want to supervise me because the board wanted their RN license numbers and they felt they were being monitored.

    So where do I go from here? They board took all my certifications away so again I am more limited. (Yes, I did have an attorney) I am wish to save my license. I will offer to volunteer. I am experienced. I just need a mentor. Someone to give me a chance. How do I find that person(s)?

    Dear Encumbered License,

    Without knowing your restrictions, it's hard to advise. It's not a mentor you need so much as an employer who will take you on. It seems you were given a job and promised supervision, but the employer did not provide supervision as required.

    Have you tried dialysis? Some dialysis companies are known for being willing to work with encumbered licenses.

    Larger facilities with a large pool of applicants do not want to take on the monitoring and paper work requirements of an employee with an encumbered license. Look for smaller facilities who may be more flexible in that regard. Have you tried any in-home care positions and would meet the BON criteria?

    I'm sorry, but try not to give up.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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