BIG Mistake

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I need some advice for an upcoming job interview. I was employed full - time with an assisted living facility. Loved the place, but the 12 hour overnights were really getting to me. I then accepted a full - time position with a psych hospital - thinking it would be a great opportunity. BIG mistake. messy paper charting, no teamwork. Questionable practices. Unfortunately, I could only go back part time to the assisted living facility- only two 6 hour shifts available a week) So I need to find another full - time gig. How should I explain this to the employer at the interview? Advice needed.

    Dear BIG Mistake,

    You just say that the psych position was not a good fit and you look forward to practicing in an organization that shares your values and work ethics, such as theirs.

    Don't say anything negative at all about the psych facility. You would not be the first person to quit a poorly-run hospital, and it will not necessarily be held against you.

    Highlight your skills and how you will fit in and benefit the organization.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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