Accepted for 2nd Internship Interview: What will they expect from me?

  1. Hello Nurse Beth!

    I have applied for a graduate nursing internship at St. Joseph's Children's hospital in Tampa, FL and had my 1st interview with them today...They called me back today and asked me to come in for a second interview.
    With that being said I am a little nervous and don't know what to expect from you have any advice for me?

    Congrats, they like you!

    Check out their website, find out their mission. Be prepared to answer "Why do you want to come here, what do you hope to gain after your internship,
    why should we select you?"

    Having made the second cut, just try to be your authentic self and relax. That makes an attractive candidate. Do you know anyone who works there? If so, ask about their culture.

    If not, it's OK and read How to Prepare for Your Interview
    Good luck! If it's meant to be, it will happen.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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