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I was diagnosed with adult ADD seven years ago. I will be starting a BSN program in two months and my mom seems to believe that I will not be able to handle all of the responsibility and organization that goes along with the nursing profession. Is there anyone else out there with adult ADD and how have you learned to cope with it being a nurse?



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Well I dont have ADD but I am in class with a lady that does. The only thing that she does differently is during exams, she goes to another room. She tells me all the time how she gets so distracted with the slightest noise. Well she managed the program, we graduate in a few weeks!

You will be fine.........Just do what works for you!

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I am not a nurse yet but I am nursing student and I have ADD. If you want to become a nurse you can definitely do it. There is nothing that can stand in your way. It is definitely hard and can be frustrating but it is definitely feasible. I don't know if you take meds or not but if you do continue taking them and utilize the school for additional resources i.e. untimed tests, taped textbooks, reader if needed. Good Luck! :)

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