Yet Another One That Misses the Boat - page 2

This one appeared in this Sunday's NY Daily News. Unfortunately, while the college administrator who wrote it reports that there are 126,000 vacant RN positions nationwide, he neglects to mention... Read More

  1. by   -jt
    I got a very nice reply from the writer of the news article. He said in part:

    "I totally agree with your concern over the working conditions in the nursing profession and their affects on the nursing shortage . While we discussed these issues at length at our meetings our charge was how should the CUNY system respond to the shortage from an educational perspective. I would like to send you a copy of the report........."
  2. by   RNanne
    I, too got an email. It said exactly the same thing. It was nice to get an answer, although it did not directly answer my email in any specific way. They want our address to send us a copy of the report. I think that I will pass on that one. I think it probably says the same old stuff.
  3. by   oramar
    -jt, I am really glad to hear others appreciate your work. I just think you are great.
  4. by   nell
    We're lucky. Our CEO realizes that there are enough nurses, just not enough at the bedside. His solution to the shortage at our hospital:
    Make all of the RNs work full-time!